Min Kyawzwa

Min Kyawzwa
Min Kyawzwa Nat
Offerings of alcohol and liquor to U Min Kyawzwa.

Min Kyawzwa (Burmese: မင်းကျော်စွာ, pronounced [mɪ́ɴ tɕɔ̀zwà]; also known as U Min Gyaw), is one of the 37 nats in the official pantheon of Burmese nats. He is a composite representation of multiple historical personalities. One version puts him as a son of King Theinhko of Pagan; he was murdered by his brother. Another version puts him as an adviser to King Alaungsithu of Pagan; he died an alcoholic. Another puts him as Crown Prince Minyekyawswa of Ava, who fell in action in the Forty Years' War.[1] Yet another version puts him as a son of the Lord of Pyay and Kuni Devi. He reportedly was a "drunkard and cock fighter and also a good rider", killed by his victims turned devils.[2]


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