Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel
Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel
Developer(s) Microsoft
Initial release 2001
Stable release
Development status Unsupported
Operating system Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003
Platform IA-32
Size Program: 23 KB
Driver: 9 KB
Type Virtual drive
License Freeware
Website Direct Download

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel also called (Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP and Microsoft Virtual CD Control Tool) is a virtual drive for Microsoft Windows that allows an ISO image to be mounted. The powertoy, which is unsupported, was developed by Microsoft for Windows XP (including early Windows Whistler editions[1]), though the program will still function with Windows Server 2003[2] and Windows Vista.[3] The software is often used to access MSDN iso downloads.[4][5]

There is no official online help for the software, though a readme is included in the self-extracting archive. The software handles the following filetypes: .udf; .cdfs; .jo; .iso; .rock.


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