List of The Longest Journey characters

List of The Longest Journey characters


This is a list of characters in The Longest Journey series of adventure video games, consisting of the original game, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall Chapters.

The Longest Journey

April Ryan

Main article: April Ryan. Voiced by Sarah Hamilton.

April Ryan is the young heroine of The Longest Journey who has artistic aspirations. As a resident of the technology-driven world, Stark, she discovers that she is a Shifter - a person with the power to move between worlds. Her journey begins when she unwittingly transports herself to the magical Arcadia. She is the daughter of the White Dragon, as she herself felt a connection between the two of them and it is confirmed by the White Dragon. Moreover, her Stark parents adopted her. April is prophesied from all four species holding the parts of the disc as being the savior who will restore the balance, only to finally break it.

April (described on the promotional posters with a tagline Rebel, Emissary, Chosen) returns as one of the three protagonists of Dreamfall. After her success in The Longest Journey, she was left without a purpose, and chose to join the effort to liberate the Northlands from the occupation by the Azadi (Persian: freedom) Empire. She has turned her back on her former world of Stark and considers herself a citizen of Arcadia now.

Ragnar Tørnquist stated in an interview that he compared April in TLJ to "young inexperienced" Frodo Baggins, whereas in Dreamfall she developed into an "Aragorn type character".[1] Although she is represented with attributes of a feminized sex object, she is also part of a trend of strong, beautiful women in a variety of media that don't depend on men to achieve heroic deeds. [2]


Voiced by Roger Raines.

Crow is a fast-talking, black-feathered bird who endured years of ill-treatment from his alcoholic master who shut him in a trunk before escaping. He becomes April's wisecracking sidekick and friend and is integral to several of the game's challenges. Despite his name (which April gives him), he is not actually a crow and becomes offended when he discovers what crows are in Stark. It is revealed that April named him after Crowboy, a cartoon hero of her childhood. After learning about the origin of his name and how much it meant for April, Crow truly accepted his name with happiness and honour.

Crow reprises his role as April's sidekick in Dreamfall, though later, he is disappointed in her and decides to follow Zoë instead.

Burns Flipper

Voiced by Andrew Donnelly.

Burns Flipper is an eccentric, foul-mouthed hacker who provides April with invaluable aid. His legs were cut off by corporate agents after he hacked into MTI's network, and he uses a floating wheelchair (or "hoverchair") to get around. Flipper sells April out to the Vanguard, but only to save his own life and walk again. Trusting the enemy was a mistake however, and he gets shot. In his last breath, Burns apologizes to April and gives her the exact location of the Guardian's Realm before dying.

Gordon Halloway

Voiced by Kevin Merritt.

Gordon Halloway is Jacob McAllen's right-hand man, warped by magic and science to become the next Guardian so that the Vanguard may disrupt the Balance. He speaks in a cold and collected tone and has no qualms about committing violence. It is revealed that he was stripped of the emotional part of his soul, which became the Arcadian Chaos Vortex.


Voiced by Mark Anthony Henry in TLJ and Darryl Alan Reed in Dreamfall.

Charlie is April's friend and neighbor at the Border House. The Longest Journey presents a possible attraction between him and April, but it is not explored. In Dreamfall, it is explained that during the events of The Longest Journey, he studied dance at April's university. Dreamfall, though, shows him disillusioned and rather materialistic, as the Collapse led him to stop following what he calls his dreams.

Emma de Vrijer

Voiced by Julia K. Murney.

Emma de Vrijer (her family name is revealed only in Dreamfall) is April's best female friend, who also lives in the Border House in The Longest Journey. Towards the end of the game, the Vanguard soldiers shoot her in front of April, but she survives and appears again in Dreamfall.

Fiona and Mickey

Fiona and Mickey are a lesbian couple who own and manage the Border House.

Zack Lee

Voiced by Ron Gallop.

Zack Lee is a tenant in the Border House who lives across the hall from April. Obnoxious and chauvinistic, he sells April out as revenge after she rejects his advances. The Vanguard soldiers eventually shoot him in front of April, possibly killing him. Voiced by Ron Gallop.

Vestrum Tobias

Voiced by Ron Foster.

Vestrum Tobias is the highest-ranking Sentinel, who teaches April Alltongue, a universal language. He also tells her the story of the two worlds and of the fact that she is the Thirteenth Guardian. Tobias is mysteriously killed during the evacuation of Marcuria.

Roper Klacks

Voiced by Ralph Byers.

Roper F. Klacks is an evil alchemist who lives in a floating castle some miles north of Marcuria. He has a tendency to petrify his victims.

Klacks returns in Dreamfall as a magic shop keeper. He claims to have been reformed of his evil tendencies thanks to his defeat at April Ryan's hands in the first game.

Brian Westhouse

Voiced by Ralph Byers.

Brian Westhouse is originally from Stark who now resides in Marcuria, and had been journeying in the Tibetan winter of 1934. Cortez saved him from near death and took him to a monastery. Although he is a non-shifter, he took part in a ritual that sent him through the divide. His path wasn’t easy and got stuck in the divide for nearly 300 years before reaching Arcadia. Where he went, time doesn’t pass as normal so he didn’t age. He is nicknamed "The Rolling Man" by Marcurians because he rides a bicycle, a vehicle foreign to them.

Westhouse returns in Dreamfall as a travelling scholar. He is now a more sober and eloquent man than in TLJ and accompanies Zoë Castillo to one of the few places in Arcadia he has never visited, and scenes in the game suggest that his transition between worlds may be of significant importance to the central plot.

Benrime Salmin

Voiced by Cordis Heard.

Benrime Salmin is the owner and proprietor of "The Journeyman Inn", an inn located in the Arcadian city of Marcuria. She made her first appearance in The Longest Journey, where she became a friend and confidante to April Ryan. In Dreamfall, she is a rebel sympathizer and often aids April and the rest of resistance movement against the Azadi occupying force.


Voiced by Jeff Meller.

Abnaxus is the Venar ambassador to the Ayrede Council, and keeper of Venar Stone, their piece of the Stone Disk. While he lives in the City Green of Marcuria, his true home is north of the Border Mountains. His wife is Abyanda, and his daughters are Abratha, Abelexe and Abpalmana.


Voiced by Louis Aguirre.

Adrian is the present Guardian, originally from Stark. He returned there, but was at a loss of what to do as no-one had come to assume his position, and was captured by Halloway. One of April's main objectives is to locate him.

Lady Alvane

Lady Alvane is a mysterious old woman who recounts the story of April's quest. She also appeared inside the story giving asylum to April when she was chased by Vanguard agents. She lives in the House of All Worlds, possibly located between the worlds like the Guardian's Tower, since a Shift can be opened in it. Given her levels of insight into April's future and feelings, some fans speculate that she is an older version of April. Ragnar has taken pains to keep her identity ambiguous.[3] It should be noted however, that in the epilogue of The Longest Journey she reminisces with Crow as if she were April.

Wick, Woody and Willow

Wick, Woody and Willow are the three Stickmen that April meets on the island of Atlais. Wick is the oldest and the leader of the three, but does nothing but push them around and make them do manual labour. Woody is the youngest of the Stickmen, and according to Wick, "stupid even to Stickman standards"; in April's eyes, however, he appears to be extremely smart. Willow is "in the middle, as always", a grave-voiced and wise Stickman. They serve the Mother Tree, a massive tree they built a strange crossbow-like contraption on. The machine they built is called a Lunar Cannon, capable of "shooting them to the Moon", where they could live better lives.


Zoë Castillo

Voiced by Ellie Conrad Leigh.

Zoë Castillo (Seeker, Nomad, Dreamer) is the primary protagonist of Dreamfall, whom the player controls most of the time. She lives with her father in the city of Casablanca (her mother has supposedly died before the Collapse), and has recently dropped out of university. The beginning of the game finds her in a state of malaise, lacking motivation and questioning her purpose in life. The story opens with her ex-boyfriend, Reza, asking her to pick up a package for him from a woman called Helena Chang. When Zoë arrives at the rendezvous, she finds Helena trapped in an airlock and has to rescue her from captivity. When she heads over to meet Reza to give him the package, she finds a dead body in his apartment, and she is found and arrested by the EYE (the world police). A series of adventures happen until the end, where Zoë is seen in a coma, as shown at the very beginning of game.

During those adventures, Zoë travels from her homeworld - Stark - to the mysterious world of Arcadia. Yet both turn out to be twin worlds: Stark is a world of technology, while Arcadia is a world of magic. During her quest, Zoë meets April Ryan, the main character of the first game - The Longest Journey, discovers the truth about WATI Corporation and many other events. However, in the end, Dreamfall leaves many more questions than it answers. Whatever will happen with characters of Dreamfall will be revealed only in the third installment of the series.

Gabriel Castillo

Voiced by Patrick Fitzsymons.

Gabriel Castillo is Zoë's father who only appears in the beginning and the very end of the game, save the text and voice messages he leaves on Zoë's phone over time when he calls her - worried sick about his daughter.

Wonkers the Watilla

Voiced by Jack Angel.

Wonkers is Zoe's intelligent purple stuffed toy Watilla (a gorilla-like corporate mascot). Wonkers serves as Zoe's assistant, friend and playmate.

Olivia DeMarco

Voiced by Mary Healy.

Olivia DeMarco is Zoë's best friend. She owns a small electronics and repair shop in Casablanca, and is an expert on the technology of the time period.

Reza Temiz

Voiced by Michael FitzGerald.

Reza Temiz is a journalist who goes under the alias "Jericho". He was once Zoë's boyfriend, but now the two are just good friends. He also seems to be part of the main plot device, as Reza's disappearance was what prompted Zoe into traveling around the world to find him.

Damien Cavanaugh

Voiced by Victor Burke.

Damien Cavanaugh works for WATIcorp, a Japanese corporation. When he first appears in the game, he is involved in the development of WATIcorp's top-secret "Project Alchera".


Voiced by Georgia Pearce.

Faith is a little girl created as byproduct of Project Alchera, who claims to be Zoë's sister. She was created under Helena Chang's supervision, causing much speculation that Chang may be, in fact, Zoë's missing mother, or may have worked with her mother.

Helena Chang

Voiced by Iris Quinn.

Helena Chang is the scientist who created Faith and Reza's another contact. There are hints in the game that she may be connected to Gabriel Castillo.


Voiced by Kwesi Ameyaw.

Chawan is the oldest of April's henchmen in Dreamfall.


Voiced by Matthew Keenan.

Brynn is April's henchman in Dreamfall who was saved by her from the Azadi and is eager to pay her back with his service.


Voiced by Hadeel Alwash.

Na'ane is a mage and April's henchwoman in Dreamfall. She is tracked down by Kian and forced to lead him (and unwittingly for both, Commander Vamon's troops) to the rebel camp.

Kian Alvane

Voiced by Gavin O'Connor.

Kian Alvane (Soldier, Apostle, Assassin) is an Azadi soldier and skilled swordsman who resides in the holy city of Sadir. He has pledged his life to the Six Empresses of the Azadi and their Goddess. He is an Apostle, a special agent of the Six, much to the scorn of others in the hierarchy who look down on his commoner ancestry.


Voiced by Jade Yourell.

Sister Sahya is the Azadi governor of Marcuria in Dreamfall.


Voiced by Garrett Lombard.

Commander Vamon is the commander of the Azadi garrison in Marcuria.

Alvin Peats

Voiced by Jonathan Dow.

Alvin Peats is one of the villains in Dreamfall. He is the founder of WATIcorp and Project Alchera, who became a cyborg to continue controlling the company from the shadows.

Samantha Gilmore

Voiced by Maryke Hendrikse.

Samantha "Sam" Gilmore is the nominal CEO of WATIcorp.


The Twins are two twin girls who act as WATIcorp's elite enforcers in Dreamfall. Their names are never revealed, nor does either of them speak in the game.


The Prophet is a mysterious hooded figure who appears only once in Dreamfall. He was the one who inspired the Azadi to build a colossal Tower in Marcuria. Much speculation surrounds his true identity.

Draic Kin

Draic Kin or, simply, the Kin is a fictional race of ancient dragon-like extraterrestrial sentient beings living on Earth, as featured in the The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

The true nature of the Kin is still a subject of much discussion among the fans of the games. They are tremendously powerful and their abilities surpass those of the humans both in magic and science. Their life expectancy can go up to millennia, although they are not immortal. Some of the most ancient legends in Arcadia hint that their nature is similar to that of the Creator, whereas April Ryan defines them as aliens, though no information about their origin is provided.

According to the Arcadian legends, it was the Kin who came up with the idea of the Divide and the Balance and who helped humans to Divide the Earth into Stark and Arcadia, thus saving it from imminent destruction. Consequentially, the Draic Kin have been perceived as the good-nature spirits and the protectors of the Balance ever since. It is also a subject of much debate whether the Kin can travel between the Twin Worlds: while no Kin seen in the games has ever used a Shift or any other means to travel across the Divide, there have been multiple hints that they are capable of doing it, such as when a Starkian Kin refers to an Arcadian priest as if they have met each other personally.

When living among humans, the Kin assume human forms to fit into the society, although their (apparently) real form is that of giant reptiles. All Kin seen in the games appear in their reptilian forms at least once in TLJ, and never in Dreamfall.

The name "Draic Kin" may have been derived from the word "dragon" or "drake" by the game designers, though in-universe, the latter terms are seldom used by educated people.

In the games, only four Kin are said to reside in the Twin Worlds. It is unknown whether there have been more before the Divide, or whether there are still more of them living on Earth in secret. To preserve the Balance, two of the Draic Kin reside in Stark and two in Arcadia.

Red Kin

The Red Kin goes by the names of Cortez and Manny Chavez in the games (though only by the latter in Dreamfall). It has been often discussed on the fan forums whether he was the One Kin who helped the Twelve Sentinels to Divide the Earth, because he has often expressed much more interest in human culture than any of his fellow Kin. He lives in Stark and prefers to stay in the shadows of the society, maintaining an image of an eccentric, unrecognized genius.

Cortez readily assists humans who wish to cross the Divide: for example, he sent Brian Westhouse to Arcadia in 1934 (Dreamfall hints that Westhouse's journey may have been a part of a bigger plan), and he is the first Kin, after the White Mother, who approaches April Ryan in TLJ. It is Cortez who sends her on her journey to restore the Balance and plays the mentor figure for April in the first days of her journey. He spends the second half of the game imprisoned by the Green Kin and apparently perishes in a fight against him soon after escaping and meeting April again. The Red One's death has often been disputed, even by April herself. Because the players do not see his body, many refused to believe him dead despite numerous hints that it is really so. The argument was further heated up by the fact that Cortez is one of the only two Kin who appear in Dreamfall, although only in a brief flashback scene that depicts events before April's journey in the first game.

Cortez is never referred in the games as the "Red Kin", however, a spirit in the Banda Dig calls him "Cortez the Red".

Green Kin

The Green Kin is known as Jacob McAllen or the White Cardinal in Stark. He is the head of the Church of Voltec, the Starkian Vanguard (renegade Sentinel whose aim is the reunification of the Twin Worlds at any cost), and de facto the mightiest political figure in Stark. Unlike the Red One, McAllen feels inclined to interfere in the political power plays of the humans and is considering a world domination after the Twin Worlds are one again. Thus, McAllen is the chief antagonist in TLJ and appears to be the Kin who is most interested in science and technology among his brethren. As his plans for the Twin Worlds go against those of Cortez, the two have a constant silent confrontation that culminates in their duel and apparent death.

Like Cortez, McAllen is never explicitly named the "Green Kin" but this can be deduced knowing the other three's respective colors. He is only Kin who is not directly mentioned in Dreamfall.

White Kin

The White Kin is the only female Kin on Earth. She resides in Arcadia and is featured prominently in Arcadian legends as the White Dragon or simply Mother. It is unclear whether "Mother" is an alternative name of the White Kin or a role she plays in the cosmology of the Twin Worlds. The White Kin is, according to her own statement, April Ryan's parent. In the end of the first game, she dies of exhaustion but is reborn in her younger daughter, to whom April commonly refers as "sister".

The young White Kin is a prominent figure in Dreamfall, helping first April and then Zoë Castillo on their journeys. She also explains that someone or something hunts down the Kin and that she cannot feel the presence of the others anymore. While some fans interpret this statement as a conclusion that all other Kin are dead, others point out that the young White One admittedly has not yet fully grasped her innate abilities and may be mistaken. In the final chapters of Dreamfall, after April apparently dies at the hands of the Azadi, the young Kin also falls victim to an unknown attacker, whom she herself apparently recognizes moments before the attack. What has actually happened to her afterwards is not clear.

Blue Kin

The Blue Kin, also known as the Old God, is the second Arcadian Kin and the least prominent one in the games due to his apathy and passiveness compared to his brethren. While the other Kin actively participate in the life of the Twin Worlds, the Blue One prefers to keep slumbering on the bottom of the Sea of Songs and await the right time to leave Earth for good with his "children", the winged Alatien and the aquatic Maerum.

The Blue One is by far the most enigmatic of the Kin. As seen in several scenes of TLJ, his dragon form is much larger than that of the other Kin but the players are never shown his human form. He is worshipped as a god by the Maerum (and, possibly, Alatien) and can occasionally extend exclusive authority upon the Dark People, but displays a complete lack of interest in the Balance and the Twin Worlds. The reasons behind that are never properly explained, so various speculations circulate among the fans, ranging from him being the One Kin who assisted the Twelve Sentinel to him being the Azadi Prophet seen in Dreamfall. According to the young White Kin, he is already "gone" when the events of Dreamfall take place, which led fans to theorize whether he simply died or finally fulfilled his dream and left for the stars with Maerum and Alatien.

Dreamfall Chapters

Very little is known about the cast of Dreamfall Chapters, except that both Zoë and Kian will be returning.[4]


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