Elatos, Arcadia

Elatos, Arcadia
Elatos is located in Greece
Coordinates 37°21′N 22°33′E / 37.35°N 22.55°E / 37.35; 22.55Coordinates: 37°21′N 22°33′E / 37.35°N 22.55°E / 37.35; 22.55
Country: Greece
Region: Peloponnese
Regional unit: Arcadia
Municipality: North Kynouria
Population statistics (as of 2001)
 - Population: 80
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)

Elatos (Greek: Έλατος meaning "olive groves", locally and formerly known as Δραγαλεβός Dragalevos) is a village built at 840 m in the municipality of North Kynouria, Arcadia, Greece. As of 2001, it had a population of 80 for the village and the municipal district and sits at 720 m above sea level. The Mainalo mountains are 6 km to the east and the Ktenia to the east and its municipal boundary with Tripoli is to the west and Mantineia further north.


Nearest places


Year Population
1981 178
1991 214
2001 80


Elatos is 45 km west of Astros and 27 km east of Tripoli. Paroria is 6 km northwest of Tripoli about 170 km (old: 215 km) west of Athens, about 135 km southeast of Patras, 80 km north of Sparta and about 94 km northeast of Kalamata. Located near the frontier area that bounds Laconia to the south along with another municipality to the west.

Geography and history

The area are mountainous and is north of the Parnon mountains. Located in a green forest area that are rich in chestnuts, olives and other crops, between the two heads of the areas, Agios Petros and Kastri.

Slavs settled the area. It was last ruled by the Ottomans until the Greek War of Independence of 1821.

After World War II and the Greek Civil War, its buildings were rebuilt and emigration occurred at a higher rate until the 1980s. Elatos became connected with asphalt in the 1970s. Electricity, radio and automobiles were introduced in the mid-20th century, television in the late-20th century and computer and internet at the turn of the millennium. In 1997, the ex-community (now a village and a municipal district) joined to become the newly formed municipality of North Kynouria. A great population loss occurred between 1991 and the 2000s.

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