Frequency (producer)

Frequency (producer)
Background information
Birth name Bryan Fryzel
Born January 4, 1983
Origin Rockville Centre, New York
Genres Rap, R&B, pop
Years active 2003 - present
Labels Freq Show Music
Associated acts Slaughterhouse, Snoop Dogg, Trackmasters, 6th Sense, iFFY the Bad Man, Adair
Website Frequency Myspace

Frequency (born Bryan Fryzel in January 1983) is an American music producer and DJ from Rockville Centre, New York.


Frequency was born in Rockville Centre, New York in 1983. While attending Oceanside High School, he began to DJ at school dances and house parties.[1] He also began experimenting with production.[2] While still in high school, Frequency met 6th Sense, an MC from Pelham, New York.[3] Soon thereafter, the two of them formed a group, The Understudies, alongside 6th Sense’s friend and mentor Mr. Tibbs.[4]

The Understudies went on to perform in and out of New York alongside various groups including The Roots, John Legend, Rahzel, MF Doom, High and Mighty, Sage Francis, Cage, Ugly Duckling, Jean Grae and Cannibal Ox.[citation needed] They then signed a record deal on Freshchest/High Time Records, where they released the 12" single, "Now & Then" b/w "Bananas" in the summer of 2004.[5] Although the record sold over 1,000 copies[citation needed] through Caroline Distribution and was met with critical praise,[citation needed] the group broke up, and their full-length album, produced solely by Frequency, was shelved.

In 2004, New York underground mainstay Wordsworth sought Frequency out while he was recording his solo debut LP, Mirror Music. Frequency produced 3 tracks on Mirror Music: “Shoulder,” “One Day” and “Don’t Go.” That year, Frequency went on to work with several other artists he had met in New York’s independent scene: from Oktober (“NYC” on Projekt: Building) to Tonedef (“Give A Damn Remix” on Archetype) to El Da Sensei (“Natural Feel Good” on The Unusual).[6]

In 2006 Frequency won Scion’s New York leg of the King of the Beats competition, and produced a number of records for major label artists such as “Plenty of Love” by Raekwon, Gravy and Tikky Diamonds and “Ya’ll Can’t Live His Life” by Cam'ron. That year, Frequency also collaborated with Hip-Hop icon Snoop Dogg on “Think About It,” which was the first song on Snoop’s LP Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. Snoop himself repeatedly has referred to the song in interviews as his favorite track on the album.[7]

The following year, Frequency produced tracks for Ghostface Killah, Red Café, Lil' Mama, eMC (Masta Ace, Punch, Words and Strick), A. Pinks, and the New York radio anthem for Juganot, “En Why Cee” (featuring Joell Ortiz and Uncle Murda).[8] Also in 2007, Frequency reunited with 6th Sense to produce the bulk of 6th’s Rawkus debut LP It’s Coming Soon.

Soon thereafter, Frequency began working heavily with the Trackmasters, with whom he produced several tracks for the upcoming Lil' Kim LP, as well as tracks for Game, Keyshia Cole, Beenie Man, Slim (from 112) and others.[9] He also continued to place records on his own, producing songs such as “One Chance (Make It Good)” for Snoop Dogg's 2008 release Ego Trippin', "Like Me" for Ja Rule, "I'm All That" for Ras Kass, and "Onslaught" and "Fight Klub" for lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse.

In 2009, Frequency spent much of his time developing Adair, a Pop music singer/songwriter signed to his production company, Freq Show Music, Inc. That year he also released "Welcome to the Freq Show: The Best of Frequency" with Trackstar the DJ.[10] In December, Frequency released "Road Kill" with Joell Oritz, a mixtape featuring freestyles that Joell recorded during the K.O.D. Tour and four original tracks, three of which -- "Ortiz In This Bitch", "Snake Charmer", and "50 For the People" -- were produced by Frequency.[11]

In 2010, Frequency joined forces with indie alt rock singer/songwriter/producer Anna Yvette to form FNA. As a production team, FNA has written and produced songs for other artists, including Joell Ortiz's current single "So Hard."[12] FNA also secured a record deal with Big Beat, Atlantic Records' newly revived subsidiary.[13] Their first single, "Take Me Home Tonight," a dance remake of the classic record originally recorded by Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector, was released on April 12, 2011.[14] Frequency most recently produced "Do You?", the lead single for Universal Republic's newest signee iFFY the Bad Man.[15] "Do You?" was released on August 2, 2011.

Frequency is also a DJ. He served as eMC’s tour DJ in Europe in the summer of 2008 and Pharoahe Monch's tour DJ during a 2010 tour in Canada. For the last few of years, he has been Slaughterhouse's tour DJ, appearing with them at the Paid Dues Festival, Rock the Bells (in 2009 and 2011), the K.O.D. Tour with Tech Nine, several Red Bull events, the Brisk Bodega and various other shows.[16][17] While touring with Slaughterhouse in 2009, Frequency became well known for appearing in several videos posted on, as well as Joe Budden's BlogTV channel.[18] In addition, he has toured extensively with Joell Ortiz and has DJ'd several dates for Royce da 5'9", Crooked I and Joe Budden. For several years, Frequency also was one of the house DJs at the Whiskey Bar in Times Square.[19]

Selected discography

iFFY the Bad Man "Do You" (Universal Republic 2011)
FNA "Take Me Home Tonight" (Big Beat/Atlantic 2011)
Slaugtherhouse "Fight Club (Remix)" Slaughterhouse EP (E1 2011)
Slaugtherhouse "Move On (Remix)" feat. iFFY Slaughterhouse EP (E1 2011)
Donny Goines "Barbarians" feat. Just Blaze, Jon Connor & Laws Success Served Cold (2011)
Wais P "Oh Baby" It's In The Game Mixtape (2011)
Lil' Mama "Doughboy" feat. Mishon Familiar Mixtape (2011)
Shvona Lavette "Goin' Under" (2011)
Candy Slice [as Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry & Snooki] "Jingle Jangle" [Co-Produced by Anna Yvette] (2010)
Joell Ortiz "So Hard" feat. Anna Yvette [Co-Produced by Anna Yvette] Free Agent (E1/Koch 2010)
Joell Ortiz "Call Me" feat. Novel [Additional Production by Frequency] Free Agent (E1/Koch 2010)
Joe Budden "Welcome to Real Life" Mood Music 4 (E1/Koch 2010)
Joell Ortiz "We Don't Believe You" feat Joe Budden and Novel (2010)
Joell Ortiz "I'm A Beast" (2010)
Kutt Calhoun "She Wants Me" feat Irv Da Phenom & Too Short Raw and Un-Kutt (Strange Music 2010)
Kutt Calhoun "Only Knew" feat Bishop Young Don & D-Skanless Raw and Un-Kutt (Strange Music 2010)
Kutt Calhoun "Hey Hey Hey (Raw & Unkutt)" Raw and Un-Kutt (Strange Music 2010)
Kutt Calhoun "Kansas City Shuffle" Raw and Un-Kutt (Strange Music 2010)
Royce Da 5'9" "In The Club" Bar Exam 3 (2010)
Joell Ortiz & Novel "Motherland" feat. Spree Wilson Defying the Predictable (2010)
Imani "Time Is Up" feat Jadakiss (2010)
Slaugtherhouse "Fight Club" Slaughterhouse (E1/Koch 2009)
Royce Da 5'9" "Murder" Street Hop (Mic Records 2009)
Royce Da 5'9" "Soldier" Street Hop (Mic Records 2009)
Joell Ortiz "50 For the People" Roadkill Mixtape (2009)
Joell Ortiz "Ortiz In This Bitch" Roadkill Mixtape (2009)
Joell Ortiz "Snake Charmer" Roadkill Mixtape (2009)
Crooked I "You Shoulda Made A Phone Call" Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist (2009)
Joey 6'1" "On My Grind Cousin" feat. Slaughterhouse (2009)
Krys Ivory "Mr. Maybe" Reflections Mixtape (Next Selection 2009)
The Kid Daytona "Right Now Till Then" [Co-Produced by 6th Sense] Come Fly With Me (2009)
French Montana "Cocaine Konvict" Mac Wit The Cheese Mixtape (2009)
Donny Goines "Whatever It Is" Breakfast Club (Amalgam 2009)
Adair "Show Off" (Freq Show Music 2009)
Adair "PTSD (Panic Attack)" (Freq Show Music 2009)
Fresh Daily "Video Gaming" The Gorgeous Killer: In Crimes Of Passion (High Water Mark 2009)
Snoop Dogg "Make It Good (One Chance)" Ego Trippin (Geffen 2008)
Lil' Kim "Download" feat. T-Pain [Bassline by Frequency] (Brookland/Universal 2008)
Young Chris "Can't Let You Get Away" (2008)
Ras Kass "I'm All That" Institutionalized Vol. 2 (Babygrande 2008)
EMC "Feel It" feat. Money Harm of Product G&B The Show (M3 2008)
EMC "Don't Give Up" The Show (M3 2008)
EMC "What It Feel Like" The Show (M3 2008)
Ja Rule "Like Me" (2008)
Slaugtherhouse "Onslaught" (2008)
Rocko & AB "Big Things" (2008)
LeMarvin "Around My Way" feat. The Game (Brookland/Universal 2008)
Cashis "Beautiful Lies" (Shady 2008)
A. Pinks "Held Me Down (Hip Hop)" Will Rap For Food (Coalmine 2008)
Haffa "Hot Times" (2008)
Labba "The World Is Mine" (2008)
Wais P (of Da Ranjahz) "Quarter Mill Kevin" Gone Pimpin' (Crazy Cat Catalogue 2008)
Wais P (of Da Ranjahz) "The Pussy Is Yours" feat. Devin Tha Dude Gone Pimpin' (Crazy Cat Catalogue 2008)
Wais P (of Da Ranjahz) "Gone Pimpin'" Gone Pimpin' (Crazy Cat Catalogue 2008)
Wais P (of Da Ranjahz) "They Comin'" feat. D-Dot (The Mad Rapper) Gone Pimpin' (Crazy Cat Catalogue 2008)
Clap Cognac "Kani Life" Kani Life Mixtape (2008)
Jelani "Living My Dream" Wait You Can Rap?!?! (Notherground 2008)
Jelani "Do What You Love" [Co-produced by 6th Sense] Wait You Can Rap?!?! (Notherground 2008)
Emcee Anime "Gorilla Music" feat. 6th Sense, Animal Cracka & Emilio Rojas The Singles EP (2008)
Ghostface Killah "White Linen Affair" Big Doe Rehab (Def Jam 2007)
6th Sense "Run It By Me" It's Coming Soon (Rawkus 2007)
6th Sense "Pop Off" It's Coming Soon (Rawkus 2007)
6th Sense "Frenzy" It's Coming Soon (Rawkus 2007)
6th Sense "Midsummer Night's Dream" It's Coming Soon (Rawkus 2007)
6th Sense "C'mon I Wanna Tell Ya" It's Coming Soon (Rawkus 2007)
DJ Envy & Red Cafe "Invincible" The Co-Op (Koch 2007)
Juganot "En Why Cee" feat. Joell Ortiz & Uncle Murda (Strictly Live 2007)
Juganot "I'm A Hustla" (Strictly Live 2007)
A. Pinks "Get What I Want" (2007)
Wildabeast "Smoke With A Hippie" Many Levels (Rawkus 2007)
Tikki Diamondz "Plenty Of Love" feat. Raekwon & Gravy (2006)
Cam'ron "Ya'll Can't Live His Life" Dip Set: The Movement Moves On (Asylum 2006)
Snoop Dogg "Think About It" Blue Carpet Treatment (Geffen 2006)
El Da Sensei "Natural Feel Good" The Unusual (Fat Beats 2006)
6th Sense "Highing Fly" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Wake Up" feat. Wildabeast Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Getdownwitit" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Wait" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "De La Soul" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Step Out" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Who Could Be" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Fundamentals" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Stopfuckinwitme" [Co-produced by 6th Sense] Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Bounce" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Untitled" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "My Story (Remix)" feat. Mike Maven & Wildabeast [Co-produced by 6th Sense] Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
6th Sense "Rewind" Highing Fly (Notherground Music 2006)
Wordsworth "One Day" Mirror Music (Halftooth 2004)
Wordsworth "Don't Go" feat. Adanita Ross Mirror Music (Halftooth 2004)
Wordsworth "Shoulder" Mirror Music (Halftooth 2004)
The Understudies "Now & Then" (Freshchest 2004)
The Understudies "Bananas" feat. Cashmere the PRO, CunninLynguists, Oktober & Tonedeff (Freshchest 2004)
Oktober "NYC" Projekt: Building (Freshchest 2004)
Oktober "None Wanna Die" Projekt: Building (Freshchest 2004)
Oktober "In Your Eye (Black Exit)" Projekt: Building (Freshchest 2004)


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