Cubitt Artists

Cubitt Artists

Cubitt Artists is an artist-run art gallery (Cubitt Gallery), artist studios (Cubitt Studios) and art educator (Cubitt Education), founded in 1991. Cubitt was first located in Goodsway in London's Kings Cross area, moved to Cubitt Street (hence the name), later to Caledonia Street, and is now located at Islington, Angel.


Cubitt Gallery

The Cubitt Gallery is funded by Arts Council England allowing it to offer an on-going 18 month curator's bursary. Past Cubitt curators are:

  • Polly Staple (July 2001 - January 2003)
  • Emily Pethick (March 2003 - August 2004)
  • David Bussel (September 2004 - February 2006)
  • Tom Morton (April 2006 - August 2007)
  • Bart van der Heide (October 2007 - March 2009)

The current curator is Michelle Cotton (April 2009 to present). The Cubitt Gallery has displayed work from a wide range of notable artists, including Adam Chodzko, Aleksandra Mir, Allen Ruppersberg, Angela Bulloch, Billy Childish, Boris Groys (Thinking in Loop, 2008 [1]), Carol Bove, Cathy Wilkes, David Robbins, Florian Hecker, Gunter Förg, Gustav Metzger (Eichmann and the Angel, 2005[2]), Harun Farocki, Henri Chopin, Ida Applebroog, Jack Goldstein, Jimmy Robert (Figure de Style, 2008[3]), Kenneth Anger, Marjetica Potrč, Matthew Day Jackson, Paul Noble, Tacita Dean, Willem de Rooij ("Birds", 2009) and Tris Vonna Michell (Tall Tales and Short Stories, 2007[4]).

To support the ongoing artistic programme of the Gallery, a limited edition set titled the Cubitt Print Box was offered for sale in 2000. This is a set of twenty works produced by contemporary artists Alex Katz (Dark Eyes, 2000[5]), Ceal Floyer (Etching (at 45 rpm), 2000[6]), Chris Ofili (no title, 2000[7]), Elizabeth Wright (Snowball, 2000)[8]), Gareth Jones (Diamond, 2000)[9]), Giorgio Sadotti (Don't Look, 2000)[10]), Hilary Lloyd (Shopfront, 2000)[11]), James Pyman (On the Sound, 2000)[12]), Jane Simpson (Sunset Still Life, 2000)[13]), Jochen Klein (Untitled, 2000)[14]), Martin Creed (Work No. 233, 2000[15]), Matthew Higgs (Despair, 2000)[16]), Paul McCarthy (Dog, 2000)[17]), Paul Noble (Playframe, 2000)[18]), Peter Doig (Echo Lake, 2000[19]), Peter Pommerer (Giraffe with Blue Coloured Eyes, 2000)[20]), Piotr Uklanski (no title, 2000)[21]), Scott King (Joy Division, The Moonlight Club, 4 April 1980, West Hampstead, London, England, 2000)[22]), Tacita Dean (Aerial View of Teignmouth Electron, Cayman Brac 16th of September 1998, 2000)[23]) and Wolfgang Tillmans (Faltenwurf (Cubitt Edition), 2000)[24]).

Cubitt Studios

Cubitt Studios provides central London studio space for up to 30 artists at any given time. Former notable members of Cubitt include Chris Ofili, Dinos and Jake Chapman, Matthew Higgs and Peter Doig.

Cubitt Education

In 2007 Cubitt started an ambitious education programme and employed a part-time education co-ordinator.

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