Copper ibuprofenate

Copper ibuprofenate
Copper ibuprofenate
CAS number 66840-44-6
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C26H36CuO4
Molar mass 476.11 g mol−1
Appearance Green powder
Solubility in water Slightly soluble
Solubility in isopropanol Slightly soluble
Related compounds
Related compounds Copper aspirinate


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Copper ibuprofenate is a chemical complex consisting of copper(II) and the anionic form of the anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen.[1][2][3]


Research has suggested that copper complexes of anti-inflammatory drugs are more active than the drug by itself,[1][4] and produce fewer gastrointestinal side-effects.[5] In 2008, a United States patent was issued for the utilization of ibuprofenate complexes (including copper ibuprofenate) as a wood preservative.[6][7]


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