Skyway (disambiguation)

Skyway (disambiguation)

Skyway can have the following meanings:

* A skyway in air travel is a flight path common to many airline flights.
* Skyway Airlines based in Wisconsin, USA.
* Skyways Express regional airline based in Stockholm, Sweden.
* Skyway (company), a manufacturer of bicycle wheels, notable during 1980s BMX phase.
* Skyway (neighborhood) is an unincorporated area of King County in western Washington state.
* A skyway, like an aerial tram or other suspended-carriage system.
** The JTA Skyway in Jacksonville, Florida, a tram (people mover).
** Disney skyways in major Disney theme parks, closed in the 1990s.
* A skyway, a high road bridge.
**James N. Allan Skyway connecting Hamilton and Burlington over Lake Ontario
**Pulaski Skyway
**Sunshine Skyway
**The SLEX Skyway Bridge (under construction)
**Chicago Skyway
**Buffalo Skyway
**Cape Fear Skyway (planned)
**Garden City Skyway
* A road name
**The Skyway, a highway connnecting Chico, California and Paradise, California
* A suspended covered walkway between buildings. For example, the skyways in several downtown areas.

In Popular culture

*Skyways (TV series) — an Australian television series set at an airport.
* "Skyway" by The Replacements — A song on the album "Pleased to Meet Me" (see also, an internet fanzine for the band).

ee also

* Skybridge
* Jetway, a small movable bridge connecting an arriving aircraft to an airport terminal.

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