Class Mythology

Class Mythology
Class Mythology
EP by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
Released April 16, 2011
Recorded Electric Lady Studios, New York
Genre Alternative country
Label PAX AM
Producer Tom Schick
Ryan Adams chronology
Class Mythology

Class Mythology is an EP by American alt-country band Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, released on April 16, 2011 on PAX AM. Limited to 2500 copies, the EP was released in celebration of Record Store Day, and consists of unreleased tracks recorded for Cardinology (2008).

The release comprises two coloured seven-inch vinyls, a small poster of deceased bassist Chris Feinstein, and a sticker.[1]

Track listing

All songs written by David Ryan Adams

  1. "Go Ahead and Rain"
  2. "Invisible Red"
  3. "Your Name Is on Fire"
  4. "Future Sparrow"


Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Technical personnel
  • Tom Schick – producer, mixing
  • Andy West – package design


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