Mole (disambiguation)

Mole (disambiguation)

Mole may refer to:


* Mole or mouldywarp, any of the burrowing insectivorous mammals in the family Talpidae, with short velvety fur and enlarged front limbs; the original burrowing mole
* Golden mole, any of the burrowing insectivorous mammals in the family Chrysochloridae, not closely related to true moles
* Mole-rats, rodents of several different families which live underground like moles
* Marsupial mole, a mole-like marsupial
* Mole cricket, a mole-like cricket in the family Gryllotalpidae
* Mole skink ("Eumeces egregius"), a burrowing lizard
* Mole salamander, any of a group of burrowing salamanders in the family Ambystomatidae

Things relating to animal moles

* Molehill (or mole-hill), a conical pile of soil pushed up at intervals by moles or other burrowing animals when digging burrows, especially beneath grassland or lawns
* Moleskin, originally the skin of a mole, but later a heavy, soft, durable cotton fabric, or clothing made from this
* Mole plant or caper spurge ("Euphorbia lathyris"), a plant said to keep away moles

Other underground things named after animal moles

* Mole plough or subsoiler, a deep plough for cutting buried drainage channels under wet farmland, or breaking up compacted soil
* Rivers
** River Mole, Surrey, part of whose course runs underground in dry weather
** River Mole, Bedfordshire, a river in Bedfordshire
** River Mole, Devon, a river in Devon
* Mole (espionage), a spy buried secretly within an organization or country
* Mole, a tunnel boring machine
* Mole people (urban legend), people supposed to live in organised societies in urban tunnel systems
* Whac-A-Mole, a mechanical arcade game in which model moles pop up out of holes and must be hit with a mallet


* Mole (skin marking) or melanocytic nevus, a small, sometimes raised area of skin, usually with darker pigment
* Mole (unit), the SI unit (symbol "mol") used in chemistry for the amount of a particular substance
* Mole Day, an unofficial holiday, its date and time derived from the number of molecules in a chemical mole
* Mole (sauce), a Mexican sauce made from chilli peppers and other spices, including chocolate
* Mole (architecture), a massive structure, usually of stone, used as a pier, jetty, breakwater, or junction between places separated by water
* Mole wrench or mole grips, locking pliers, named after a trade name for such tools
* Hydatidiform mole, an abnormal form of pregnancy, where the uterus contains an anomalous growth instead of a viable embryo
* Type 33 Mole aircraft, the Beriev Be-8
* Mole or Mole-Richardson, a stage and motion picture lighting manufacturing company
* Maria-mole, a dessert popular in Brazil, similar to marshmallow


* Mole Valley, a local government district in the valley of the River Mole, Surrey, England
* Mole Creek, Tasmania, a town in northern Tasmania, Australia
* La Môle, a commune of the "Var Département" in the "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur région" of France
* Le Môle, a mountain peak in the French Alps 6Km north east of Bonneville, Haute-Savoie and prominently visible from Geneva
* Mole Antonelliana, a landmark in Turin
* North Mole Lighthouse, a lighthouse at Fremantle, Western Australia


* Chris Mole (Christopher David Mole, born 1958), UK Labour Member of Parliament
* Jamie Mole (born 1988), an English professional footballer
* Miff Mole, (Irving Milfred Mole, 1898–1961), American jazz trombonist and band leader
* The Mole (MC/producer) (Jonah Mociun), underground hip hop personality


Fictional characters

* Mole, an anthropomorphised animal mole, a main character in the children's novel Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
* The Mole ("South Park"), a psychotic French character from the animated series "South Park"
* Mole (Zdeněk Miler character), an animated character
* Adrian Mole, a fictional diarist in a series of novels by Sue Townsend
* The Mole, a timid fictional character appearing in three of the fantasy novels from Terry Brooks's "Shannara" series
* The Mole ("Happy Tree Friends"), a character from the cartoon series "Happy Tree Friends"
* The Mole Man, a fictional supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe
* Mole Men, a race of tall hairy beings from the comedy-action TV series "Saul of the Mole Men"
* Mole People or Moloids, a race of underground-dwellers in "Subterranea" comics
* Hans Moleman, a character in "The Simpsons"


* Matching Mole, UK progressive rock band
* Molemen, a trio of Hip Hop producers from Chicago, Illinois
* Mole Listening Pearls, a German record label

Computer games

* "Mole Mania", a video game for the original Game Boy
* Monty Mole, a video game character

Film and TV

* "The Mole People" (film), 1956 horror film
* "The Mole" (TV series), a reality television series

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