Chupa (anomaly)

Chupa (anomaly)

Chupa, or chupas, are mysterious objects, or UFOs, allegedly seen by night in the eastern forests of (mainly) Brazil. They are described as smaller, metallic-like objects that fly about the treetops, making a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer.

Since most people in the area are poor, they often go out during the night to hunt food, such as deer. To do this, they climb up in trees to await their prey. It is often during this period of waiting that hunters claim to spot the chupas.

When seen, chupas are claimed to emit a bright white light. Instead of being "just unidentified objects" or lights, they are alleged to be lethal. In some cases, people claim to have been hunted by them. It is claimed that this often results in all kinds of pain for days (sometimes years) after their experience. It has also been claimed that some people have even died by the alleged lethal beams emitted by the chupas, and that some hunters have tried to shoot at the chupas, with no effect.

Jacques Vallee underlines these alleged details in some of his books and, in a more recent interview, describes them as: "the ones that emitted these beams were classic in terms of shape. They were boxy, rectangular objects that either didn't make a noise or made nothing more than a hum, like the noise a refrigerator makes." He continued by explaining how the locals didn't consider them to be extraterrestrial in origin: "When we asked people in Brazil about the phenomenon, we discovered that they didn't see it as something that comes from another planet, but something that comes from another spiritual plane."[1] This tended to validate Vallee's championing of the interdimensional hypothesis as an explanation for such entities.

Craft very similar to Chupas have also been reported at Skinwalker Ranch and Kelleher and Knapp's book on the incident Hunt for Skinwalker has a chapter called "Chupas" (chapter 7) looking at the connections between the various cases.


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