Dirichlet beta function

Dirichlet beta function

In mathematics, the Dirichlet beta function (also known as the Catalan beta function) is a special function, closely related to the Riemann zeta function. It is a particular Dirichlet L-function, the L-function for the alternating character of period four.



The Dirichlet beta function is defined as

\beta(s) = \sum_{n=0}^\infty \frac{(-1)^n} {(2n+1)^s},

or, equivalently,

\beta(s) = \frac{1}{\Gamma(s)}\int_0^{\infty}\frac{x^{s-1}e^{-x}}{1 + e^{-2x}}\,dx.

In each case, it is assumed that Re(s) > 0.

Alternatively, the following definition, in terms of the Hurwitz zeta function, is valid in the whole complex s-plane:

\beta(s) = 4^{-s} \left( \zeta\left(s,{1 \over 4}\right)-\zeta\left( s, {3 \over 4}\right) \right).

Another equivalent definition, in terms of the Lerch transcendent, is:

\beta(s) = 2^{-s} \Phi\left(-1,s,{{1} \over {2}}\right),

which is once again valid for all complex values of s.

Functional equation

The functional equation extends the beta function to the left side of the complex plane Re(s)<0. It is given by

\beta(s)=\left(\frac{\pi}{2}\right)^{s-1} \Gamma(1-s) 
\cos \frac{\pi s}{2}\,\beta(1-s)

where Γ(s) is the gamma function.

Special values

Some special values include:

\beta(0)= \frac{1}{2},

where G represents Catalan's constant, and


where ψ3(1 / 4) in the above is an example of the polygamma function. More generally, for any positive integer k:

\beta(2k+1)={{{({-1})^k}{E_{2k}}{\pi^{2k+1}} \over {4^{k+1}}(2k)!}},

where  \!\ E_{n} represent the Euler numbers. For integer k ≥ 0, this extends to:

\beta(-k)={{E_{k}} \over {2}}.

Hence, the function vanishes for all odd negative integral values of the argument.

s approximate value β(s) OEIS
1/5 0.5737108471859466493572665
1/4 0.5907230564424947318659591
1/3 0.6178550888488520660725389
1/2 0.6676914571896091766586909 OEISA195103
1 0.7853981633974483096156608 OEISA003881
2 0.9159655941772190150546035 OEISA006752
3 0.9689461462593693804836348 OEISA153071
4 0.9889445517411053361084226 OEISA175572
5 0.9961578280770880640063194 OEISA175571
6 0.9986852222184381354416008 OEISA175570
7 0.9995545078905399094963465
8 0.9998499902468296563380671
9 0.9999496841872200898213589
10 0.9999831640261968774055407

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