List of ships of the Republic of China Navy

List of ships of the Republic of China Navy

This is an incomplete list of the ships of the Republic of China Navy sorted by type and class.

Note: The ROCN generally uses hull classification symbols similar to the U.S. system with some changes. The proper classification is provided when known.


"Kee Lung" ("Kidd" class)

*ROCS "Kee Lung" (DDG-1801)
*ROCS "Su Ao" (DDG-1802)
*ROCS "Tso Ying" (DDG-1803)
*ROCS "Ma Kong" (DDG-1805)


"Chi Yang" class frigate ("Knox" class)

Decommissioned U.S. Navy FF's transferred to Taiwan and further upgraded.
*ROCS "Chi Yang" (FF-932)
*ROCS "Fong Yang" (FF-933)
*ROCS "Fen Yang" (FF-934)
*ROCS "Lan Yang" (FF-935)
*ROCS "Hae Yang" (FF-936)
*ROCS "Hwai Yang" (FF-937)
*ROCS "Ning Yang" (FF-938)
*ROCS "Yi Yang" (FF-939)

"Cheng Kung" class frigate ("Oliver Hazard Perry" class)

Built in Taiwan under license.
*ROCS "Cheng Kung" (FFG-1101)
*ROCS "Cheng Ho" (FFG-1103)
*ROCS "Chi Kuang" (FFG-1105)
*ROCS "Yueh Fei" (FFG-1106)
*ROCS "Tzu I" (FFG-1107)
*ROCS "Pan Chao" (FFG-1108)
*ROCS "Chang Chien" (FFG-1109)
*ROCS "Tian Dan" (FFG-1110)

"Kang Ding" class frigate ("La Fayette" class)

Purchased from France in the early 1990s.
*ROCS "Kang Ding" (FFG-1202)
*ROCS "Si Ning" (FFG-1203)
*ROCS "Wu Chang" (FFG-1205)
*ROCS "Di Hua" (FFG-1206)
*ROCS "Kun Ming" (FFG-1207)
*ROCS "Chen De" (FFG-1208)

Patrol combatants

"Hai Ou" class missile boat ("Dvora" class)

Roughly 48 in service, will be replaced by "Kung Hua VI" project missile boats.

"Ching Chiang" class patrol ship

Locally designed and built.
*ROCS "Jing Chiang" (PCG-603)
*ROCS "Dang Chiang" (PCG-605)
*ROCS "Sing Chiang" (PCG-606)
*ROCS "Feng Chiang" (PCG-607)
*ROCS "Tzeng Chiang" (PCG-608)
*ROCS "Kao Chiang" (PCG-609)
*ROCS "Jin Chiang" (PCG-610)
*ROCS "Hsiang Chiang" (PCG-611)
*ROCS "Tze Chiang" (PCG-612)
*ROCS "Po Chiang" (PCG-613)
*ROCS "Chang Chiang" (PCG-615)
*ROCS "Chu Chiang" (PCG-616)

="Kung Hua VI" class missile boat=

Prototype built - 29 more under construction.

Mine warfare

"Yung Yang" class minesweeper ("Aggressive" class)

*ROCS "Yung Yang" (MSO-1306)
*ROCS "Yung Tzu" (MSO-1307)
*ROCS "Yung Ku" (MSO-1308)
*ROCS "Yung Teh" (MSO-1309)

Amphibious warfare

"Hsu Hai" class dock landing ship ("Anchorage" class)

*ROCS "Hsu Hai" (LSD-193)

"Chung Ho" class tank landing ship ("Newport" class)

*ROCS "Chung Ho" (LST-232)
*ROCS "Chung Ping" (LST-233)


"Hai Shih" class submarine ("Tench" class)

World War II era submarines that were upgraded under GUPPY II program.
*ROCS "Hai Shih" (SS-791)
*ROCS "Hai Bao" (SS-792)

"Hai Lung" class submarine ("Zwaardvis" class)

Purchased from the Netherlands in the mid 1980s.
*ROCS "Hai Lung" (SS-793)
*ROCS "Hai Hu" (SS-794)

upport ships

"Yuen Feng" class transport

*ROCS "Yuen Feng" (AP-524)

"Wu Yi" class oiler

*ROCS "Wu Yi" (AOE-530)

Decommissioned ships

"Chao Yang" class destroyer ("Gearing" class)

World War II era DDs later upgraded to DDGs. All ships in this class were retired by 2005. []

Wu Chin I Batch: (Retired in 1980s-1990s)
*ROCS "Dang Yang" DD-11 (ex USN DD-764) []
*ROCS "Fu Yang" DD-7 (ex USN DD-838)

Wu Chin II Batch: (Retired in late 1990s)
*ROCS "Tse Yang" DDG-930 (ex USN DD-873)
*ROCS "Han Yang" DDG-915 (ex USN DD-833)
*ROCS "Kai Yang" DDG-924 (ex USN DD-786)
*ROCS "Lao Yang" DDG-920 (ex USN DD-790)
*ROCS "Sheui Yang" DDG-926 (ex USN DD-852)

Wu Chin III Batch: (Retired in 2003-2004)
*ROCS "Chien Yang" DDG-912 (ex USN DD-787)
*ROCS "Liao Yang" DDG-921 (ex USN DD-832)
*ROCS "Shen Yang" DDG-923 (ex USN DD-839)
*ROCS "Te Yang" DDG-925 (ex USN DD-837)
*ROCS "Yun Yang" DDG-927 (ex USN DD-718)
*ROCS "Chen Yang" DDG-928 (ex USN DD-821)
*ROCS "Shao Yang" DDG-929 (ex USN DD-788)

External references

* [ ROCN active duty vessels]
* [ ROCN from GlobalSecurity]

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