Dvora class fast patrol boat

Dvora class fast patrol boat
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Patrol boat Dvora class of Republic of China Navy
Class overview
Name: Dvora
Builders: IAI-Ramta,
Colombo Dockyard Limited
Operators:  Israeli Sea Corps,
 Sri Lanka Navy,
 Republic of China Navy
Preceded by: Dabur
Succeeded by: Super Dvora Mk II
In commission: 1988
General characteristics
Type: fast patrol boat
Displacement: 45.0 tons full load
Length: 21.80 metres.
Beam: 5.50 metres.
Draught: 1.1 metres.
Propulsion: 2x diesel engines with 4570 hp and two Arneson ASD-16 articulating surface drives.
Speed: 37 knots (Full Speed)
Range: 560 NM.
Armament: 1 x Oerlikon 20 mm cannon, 2 x 12.7mm General Purpose Machine Gun

The Dvora class fast patrol boat is a fast class of patrol boats built by Israel Aerospace Industries for the Israeli Sea Corps based on the Israeli Dabur.


Operational history

Sri Lanka

The Dvora has become the work horse of the Sri Lanka Navy which has deployed it since the mid-1980s to counter LTTE operations at sea. Since then Dvoras have been made in Sri Lanka and has been the basis for the more advanced Colombo class fast patrol boat built by the Colombo Dockyard Limited and used by South Asian Navies to counter terrorism.


The Republic of China Navy uses Dvoras as Fast Attack Missile Craft, purchasing two and using them as a pattern for the almost-identical, locally-built Hai Ou class missile boats (Hai Ou class has three propeller shafts whereas Dvora class has two). Both classes, being an anti-ship asset, are armed with additional two Hsiung Feng I anti-ship missiles and have been in ROCN service for over 20 years.


  • Israeli Sea Corps
 Sri Lanka
 Republic of China
  • Four units received from Taiwan
  • Two units received from Taiwan

Preceded by
Dvora series Succeeded by
Super Dvora Mk II


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