Provisioning (cruise ship)

Provisioning (cruise ship)
Workers load a Cruise Ship in Charlotte Amalie, USVI

Cruise ships consume vast amounts of food every day; as an example, the following is a list of supplies provisioned on board the Celebrity cruise ship Constellation for an average 7 day cruise.

  • 24,236 pounds of beef
  • 5,040 pounds of lamb
  • 7,216 pounds of pork
  • 4,600 pounds of veal
  • 1,680 pounds of sausage
  • 10,211 pounds of chicken
  • 3,156 pounds of turkey
  • 13,851 pounds of fish
  • 350 pounds of crab
  • 2,100 pounds of lobster
  • 25,736 pounds of fresh vegetables
  • 15,150 pounds of potatoes
  • 20,003 pounds of fresh fruit
  • 3,260 US gallons (12,300 L) of milk
  • 1,976 quarts of cream
  • 600 US gallons (2,300 L) of ice cream
  • 9,235 dozen eggs
  • 5,750 pounds of sugar
  • 3,800 pounds of rice
  • 1,750 pounds of cereal
  • 450 pounds of jelly
  • 2,458 pounds of coffee
  • 1,936 pounds of cookies
  • 2,450 tea bags
  • 120 pounds (54 kg) of herbs and spices
  • 3,400 bottles of assorted wines
  • 200 bottles of champagne
  • 200 bottles of gin
  • 290 bottles of vodka
  • 350 bottles of whiskey
  • 150 bottles of rum
  • 45 bottles of sherry
  • 600 bottles of assorted liqueurs
  • 10,100 bottles/cans of beer

Of course, not all this food will be consumed during the voyage, the ship must keep a percentage in reserve to allow for delays, etc. The figure includes all supplies for cooking meals in the 3 restaurants and buffets, room service, bars and lounges, as well as all baking and confectionery supplies, for officers and crew as well as passengers.

The Constellation at full capacity feeds 3 meals a day to over 1950 passengers and 999 officers and crew, comparable to the provisions that any small town might consume in one week.

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