Rangamati Government High School

Rangamati Government High School

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established = 1890
type = Government High School
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city = Rangamati
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country = Bangladesh
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About RGHS

It is the first high school in Chittagong Hill Tracts, situated in the Rangamati district, Bangladesh. It's one of the ancient schools in Bangladesh with a rich historic background. The school has the reputation for being one of the top ranked schools in Bangladesh. In the liberation war of the country in 1971, many students of this school sacrificed their lives for the freedom. The school has created many great leaders, policy makers and many prominent figures in all aspects of profession who have contributed their wisdom not only for Bangladesh but also for the world. Both Tribal and Non-tribal students study in the school with co-education system.Fact|date=January 2008

The beginning

Actually it’s very tough to make sure that who was the main initiator behind the establishment of RGHS but from the British period its reputation is too much high.Fact|date=January 2008

Monogram and uniform

"Gyan-E-Shakti" is the motto of the school. The motto is also used in the monogram. Uniforms is a must for students which is white shirt,white half pant,keds for the boys of class 3 to 5 and white shirt, white full pant, keds for the boys of class of 6 to 10. On the other hand, girls from 3 to 5 have to wear white shirt with green skirt and green salower with white trouser for seniors.Fact|date=January 2008

Class and section system

According to the root plan the school should have started it’s program from class 3. There are two shifts : morning and day. Presently all the classes from 3 to 10 are running. There are mainly 2 sections in each of the classe in day shift. But no sections in morning shift.Fact|date=January 2008

Academic bunting and tassel color

Tiffin system

There is a system of distributing tiffin in the school. The system was introduced first from when its not clear. ‘singara’, ‘samucha’, ‘nimki’, banana, bread, sweets and other various items are served as tiffin. For this a particular amount of money is taken from the students with the academic fees every month and now it is 20 Taka.


The school has a rich library with over 5000 books. Most of them were bought by coeval sanctioned money during the establishment of the school. Beside those many others were bought by annually approved money. But the fact of regret is that by an order declared by the government the post of ‘librarian’ is cancelled in all government schools. So it is unfortunate for the students that although they have a library, they do not have access to that.Fact|date=January 2008

School magazine

The name of the school magazine is ‘Shotabdi’ was first published in 1897. The editor of that number is not not sure. In present the custom is going on but magazine is not published regularly every year.


Distinguished alumni

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