Not as Good as the Book

Not as Good as the Book
Not as Good as the Book
Studio album by The Tangent
Released March 3, 2008
Recorded January 2006 - November 2007
Genre Progressive rock
Length 94:35
Label Inside Out
Producer Andy Tillison
The Tangent chronology
Going Off on One
Not as Good as the Book
Down and Out in Paris and London
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Maelstrom 8/10 stars[1]
Allmusic 3/5 stars [2]
DPRP 9.5/10 stars [3]

Not as Good as the Book is the fourth studio album released by progressive rock group The Tangent. The Special Edition of the album includes a 100-page novella by Andy Tillison with illustrations by Antoine Ettori.


Track listing

All words and music written by Andy Tillison.

Disc one - A Crisis in Mid-Life

  1. "A Crisis in Mid-Life" – 7:13
  2. "Lost in London 25 Years Later" – 7:33
  3. "The Ethernet" – 10:13
  4. "Celebrity Purée" – 3:43
  5. "Not as Good as the Book" – 8:54
  6. "A Sale of Two Souls" – 7:16
  7. "Bat Out of Basildon" – 5:54

Disc two - Throwing Metal at the Sky

  1. "Part One - Four Egos One War" – 21:15
    • I. Ours
    • II. Theirs (incl. Ours Reprise)
    • III. His
    • IV. Mine
  2. "Part Two - The Full Gamut" – 22:43
    • I. The D599
    • II. Gothenburg
    • III. Last Tango
    • IV. Studio Tan
    • V. Not a Drill
    • VI. Southend on Sea
    • VII. The A1 North of Paris
    • VIII. Four Last Days
    • IX. The D599 & The A61

"Four Egos One War" originally performed by Parallel or 90 Degrees.


With guests:

  • Julie King – lead vocals on "Ours"
  • Unknown Frenchman – violin on "A Crisis In Mid-Life"

Cover artwork by Antoine Ettori


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