Wild Pigs of the Philippines

Wild Pigs of the Philippines

= Wild pigs in the Philippines =

Although the Philippines, unlike its Southeast Asian neighbors, does not have a native population (or endemic subspecies) of the widely distributed Eurasian Wild Boar ("Sus scrofa"), the species from which domestic pigs ("S. s. domesticus" or "S. domesticus") are descended, it does have at least three species of endemic wild pigs, and one endemic subspecies. This makes the Philippines unique in having the largest number of "endemic suids" (Suidae Family) after Indonesia (with at least three species, and five subspecies that are endemic of its own) [Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Status Survey and Action Plan, Chapter 5.6, Philippine Warty Pigs (1993)] . Significantly, there have been reports of two separate populations of unstudied wild pig species on the islands of Tawi-Tawi (near Sabah, Malaysia) and Tablas (in the central Philippines) [Asian Wild Pig News, Asian Wild Pig Research and Conservation Group, Vol. 2 (1) (January 2002)] .

Endemic Philippine wild pig species

* Visayan Warty Pig ("Sus cebifrons")

* Philippine Warty Pig ("Sus philippensis")

* Mindoro Warty Pig (Oliver's Warty Pig) ("Sus oliveri") (often listed as a subspecies of the Philippine Warty Pig, "S. p. oliveri")

* Palawan Bearded Pig ("Sus ahoenobarbus") (often listed as a subspecies of the Bearded Pig, "Sus barbatus ahoenobarbus")

Endemic Philippine wild pig subspecies

* Bornean Bearded Pig ("Sus barbatus barbatus")


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* [http://www.iucn.org/themes/ssc/sgs/pphsg/home.htm Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Specialist Group]

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