Philippine Warty Pig

Philippine Warty Pig

name = Philippine Warty Pig
status = VU
status_system = iucn3.1

regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
ordo = Artiodactyla
familia = Suidae
subfamilia = Suinae
genus = "Sus"
species = "S. philippensis"
binomial = "Sus philippensis"
binomial_authority = Nehring, 1886

The Philippine Warty Pig, "Sus philippensis", is one of three known pig species endemic to the Philippines. The other two endemic species are the Visayan Warty Pig ("S. cebifrons") and the Palawan Bearded Pig ("S. ahoenobarbus"), both also being rare members of the Suidae family. Philippine Warty Pigs have two pairs of warts, with a tuft of hair extending outwards from the warts closest to the jaw.


There are at least three recognized subspecies of the Philippine Warty Pig:
* "S. p. philippensis" (from Luzon and nearby islands)
* "S. p. oliveri" (from Mindoro) (this subspecies has also been listed as a distinct species, "S. oliveri", Oliver's Warty Pig).
* "S. p. mindanensis" (from Mindanao)

Distribution and Habitat

In general, the original distribution of "S. philippensis" covered the western islands of the Philippines, while the original distribution of "S. cebifrons" covered the central and eastern islands. Specifically, the range of Philippine Warty Pigs included Luzon, Biliran, Samar, Leyte, Mindoro, Mindanao, Jolo, Polillo, Catanduanes, and possibly other islands. Moreover, it was formerly found in most habitats (from sea level to up to 2800 m) but is now confined to remote forests due to loss of habitat and heavy hunting by noose traps or trigger set bullets.

Wild pigs have been reported in Bohol and Sibuyan, although it is unclear whether these populations are "S. cebifrons" or "S. philippensis".

Relation to other Pigs (Suidae)

The Philippine Warty Pig is closely related to the Bearded Pig ("Sus barbatus"), and in fact was once thought to be a subspecies ("i.e.", "S. b. philippensis") like the Palawan Bearded Pig ("S. b. ahoenobarbus"). The Palawan Bearded Pig is now also frequently classified not as a subspecies, but as a separate Philippine endemic pig species, "S. ahoenobarbus".


With loss of its natural habitat from deforestation and uncontrolled logging and hunting, Philippine Warty Pigs have come into close contact with domestic pigs ("Sus scrofa domestica") (the domesticated variety of the non-endemic Eurasian Wild Boar), and hybridization has been reported. Accordingly, genetic contamination of Philippine Warty Pig stock is a real, and irreversible, problem.Verify source|date=August 2008Fact|date=August 2008

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* Wild Pigs of the Philippines

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