Florida Senate

Florida Senate

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The Florida Senate is part of the legislative branch of government for the state of Florida. There are 40 members in the senate. Generally, Senators in odd-numbered districts are elected in years divisible by four (in tandem with U.S. Presidential elections), and Senators in even-numbered districts are elected alongside elections for Florida's statewide offices. In years ending in the digit 2, all Senators are up for re-election. Thus, odd-number district Senators were elected to two-year terms in 2002, and even-number district Senators will be elected to two-year terms in 2012.

Florida Senate and Florida House districts are both organized by population over geographic areas. Although there are exactly three times as many members of the House (120) as in the Senate (40), the Senate districts do not consist of three Representative districts; the boundaries are independent.

Current Members of the Florida Senate

DistrictRepresentativePartyTerm Exp.
1Anthony C. HillDemocratic2008
2Durell PeadenRepublican2010
3Charles S. Dean, Sr.Republican2008
4Don GaetzRepublican2010
5Stephen R. WiseRepublican2008
6Alfred Lawson, Jr.Democratic2010
7Evelyn J. LynnRepublican2008
8James E. KingRepublican2010
9Daniel Webster, Majority LeaderRepublican2008
10Ronda StormsRepublican2010
11Mike FasanoRepublican2008
12Victor CristRepublican2010
13Dennis L. JonesRepublican2008
14Steve Oelrich
15Paula DockeryRepublican2008
16Charlie JusticeDemocratic2010
17J.D. AlexanderRepublican2008
18Arthenia JoynerDemocratic2010
19Gary SiplinDemocratic2008
20Carey BakerRepublican2010
21Michael S. BennettRepublican2008
22Lee ConstantineRepublican2010
23Lisa Carlton, Pro TemporeRepublican2008
24Bill PoseyRepublican2010
25Jeffrey AtwaterRepublican2008
26Mike HaridopolosRepublican2010
27Dave AronbergDemocratic2008
28Ken Pruitt, President Republican2010
29M. Mandy DawsonDemocratic2008
30Ted DeutchDemocratic2010
31Steven Geller, Minority LeaderDemocratic2008
32Jeremy RingDemocratic2010
33Frederica WilsonDemocratic2008
34Nan RichDemocratic2010
35Gwen MargolisDemocratic2008
36Alex Diaz de la PortillaRepublican2010
37Burt SaundersRepublican2008
38J. Alex VillalobosRepublican2010
39Larcenia BullardDemocratic2008
40Rudy GarciaRepublican2010

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