Florida House of Representatives

Florida House of Representatives

The Florida House of Representatives, one of the two Chambers of the Florida Legislature, is composed of 120 members, each representing a district.

Representatives are elected to two-year terms during even-numbered years. A representative must be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the district in which he or she will serve, and a resident of Florida for at least two years before being qualified to run for election. Once elected, representatives are limited to four terms.

The entire Florida Legislature meets every year in a session beginning on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March and lasting 60 calendar days. Special sessions may be called either by the Governor or by the leaders of both chambers acting jointly.

The Speaker of the House is elected by the representatives for a two-year term. The Speaker has the power to preside over the chamber during a session, to appoint committee members and chairs of committees, to influence the placement of bills on the calendar, and to rule on procedural motions. The Speaker pro tempore presides if the Speaker leaves the Chair or if there is a vacancy.

Current Members of the Florida House of Representatives

DistrictRepresentativePartyFirst elected
1Greg EversRepublican2001
2Dave MurzinRepublican2002
4Ray Sansom, Speaker-DesignateRepublican2002
5Don BrownRepublican2000
6Jimmy PatronisRepublican2006
7Marti ColeyRepublican2005
8Curtis B. RichardsonDemocrat2000
9Loranne AusleyDemocrat2000
10Will Kendrick [Elected as a Democrat. See [http://blogs.tampabay.com/buzz/2006/11/a_democrat_swit.html Will Kendrick, a Democrat No More] ] Republican2000
11Debbie Boyd
12Aaron BeanRepublican2000
13JC CarrollRepublican2003
14Terry FieldsDemocrat2000
15Audrey GibsonDemocrat2002
16Charles McBurneyRepublican2007
17Stan JordanRepublican2000
18vacant (upon the death ofDon Davis)Republican2000
19Dick KravitzRepublican2000
20William ProctorRepublican2004
21Joe PickensRepublican2000
22Larry CretulRepublican2002
23Charles Chestnut IVDemocrat2006
24Kurt KellyRepublican2007
25Alan HaysRepublican2000
26Pat PattersonRepublican2002
27Joyce CusackDemocrat2000
28Dorothy HukillRepublican2004
29Ralph PoppellRepublican2002
30Thad AltmanRepublican2003
31Mitch NeedelmanRepublican2000
32Tony SassoDemocrat2008
33Sandy AdamsRepublican2002
34Chris DorworthRepublican2007
35Dean CannonRepublican2000
36Scott RandolphDemocrat2006
37David SimmonsRepublican2000
38Bryan NelsonRepublican2006
39Geraldine F. ThompsonDemocrat2006
40Eric EisnaugleRepublican2008
41Steve PrecourtRepublican2006
42Hugh GibsonRepublican2000
43Ron SchultzRepublican2007
44Robert SchenckRepublican2006
45Tom AndersonRepublican2002
46John Legg Deputy WhipRepublican2004
47Kevin AmblerRepublican2002
48Peter NehrRepublican2006
49Darren SotoDemocrat2007
50Ed HooperRepublican2006
51Janet LongDemocrat2006
52Bill HellerDemocrat2006
53Rick KrisemanDemocrat2006
54James FrisheRepublican2006
55Darryl RousonDemocrat2000
56Trey TraviesaRepublican2000
57Faye CulpRepublican2002
58Michael SciontiDemocrat2006
59Betty ReedDemocrat2006
60Ed HomanRepublican2002
61Will WeatherfordRepublican2006
62Richard Glorioso,Republican2004
63Seth McKeelRepublican2006
64Dennis A. RossRepublican2006
65Marty Bowen, Speaker pro temporeRepublican2000
66Baxter TroutmanRepublican2002
67Ron ReaganRepublican2002
68Bill GalvanoRepublican2002
69Keith FitzgeraldDemocrat2006
70Doug HolderRepublican2006
71Micheal GrantRepublican2004
72Paige KreegelRepublican2004
73Nick ThompsonRepublican2006
74Gary AubuchonRepublican2006
75Trudi WilliamsRepublican2004
76Garrett RichterRepublican2006
77Denise GrimsleyRepublican2004
78Richard MachekDemocrat2000
79Frank AttkissonRepublican2000
80Stan MayfieldRepublican2000
81Gayle HarrellRepublican2000
82William SnyderRepublican2006
83Carl J. DominoRepublican2002
84Priscilla TaylorDemocrat2000
85Shelley VanaDemocrat2002
86Maria SachsDemocrat2006
87Adam Hasner Majority Leader (2007 - 2008)Republican2002
88Susan BucherDemocrat2000
89Mary BrandenburgDemocrat2002
90Kelly SkidmoreDemocrat2006
91Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff, Majority WhipRepublican2004
92Jack SeilerDemocrat2000
93Perry Thurston Jr.Democrat2006
94Matthew MeadowsDemocrat2000
95Jim WaldmanDemocrat2006
96Ari Abraham PorthDemocrat2004
97Martin David KiarDemocrat2006
98Franklin Sands, Democratic Leader designate Democrat2004
99Elaine SchwartzDemocrat2006
100Evan JenneDemocrat2006
101Matt HudsonRepublican2007
102Eduardo GonzalezRepublican2006
103Oscar BraynonDemocrat2000
104Yolly RobersonDemocrat2002
105Joseph GibbonsDemocrat2006
106Dan Gelber, Democratic LeaderDemocrat2000
107Luis GarciaDemocrat2006
108Ronald BriseDemocrat2006
109Dorothy Bendross-MindingallDemocrat2000
110Rene GarciaRepublican2000
111Marco Rubio, SpeakerRepublican2000
112David RiveraRepublican2002
113Carlos Lopez-CanteraRepublican2004
114Anitere Flores
115Juan-Carlos PlanasRepublican2002
116Marcelo LlorenteRepublican2002
117Julio RobainaRepublican2002
118Edward BullardDemocrat2000
119Juan C. ZapataRepublican2002
120Ronald Saunders Democrat2006


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* [http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/ Official site Florida House]
* [http://election.dos.state.fl.us/ Official site Florida Elections Division]
* [http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/UFDC/?s=fhrp The House "Journal"] , the official record of actions taken by the House and its committees, full text online in the [http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/UFDC/ University of Florida's Digital Collections]

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