Motherwell and Wishaw (UK Parliament constituency)

Motherwell and Wishaw (UK Parliament constituency)
Motherwell and Wishaw
Burgh constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of Motherwell and Wishaw in Scotland.
Subdivisions of Scotland North Lanarkshire
Current constituency
Created 1997 (1997)
Member of Parliament Frank Roy (Labour)
Created from Motherwell North
Motherwell South
1974 (1974)1983 (1983)
Number of members One
Type of constituency Burgh constituency
Replaced by Motherwell North
Motherwell South
Created from Motherwell
European Parliament constituency Scotland

Motherwell and Wishaw is a burgh constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1974, mostly from Motherwell. It was divided in 1983 into Motherwell North and Motherwell South constituencies, but these were recombined in 1997 to recreate Motherwell and Wishaw.

Motherwell saw the election of the first ever Scottish National Party MP, in a Wartime by election. The seat reverted to Labour in the 1945 General Election.

It is situated in the south west of the North Lanarkshire council area, and is dominated by the towns of Motherwell and Wishaw.

The corresponding Scottish Parliamentary seat of the same name Motherwell and Wishaw is held by Jack McConnell, the former First Minister of Scotland from November 2001 till May 2007.



In the changes prior to 2005, small portions of Hamilton North and Bellshill and Airdrie and Shotts were added to Motherwell and Wishaw.

Members of Parliament

Election Member Party
Feb 1974 George McArthur Lawson Labour
Oct 1974 Jeremy William Bray Labour
1983 Constituency abolished
1997 Frank Roy Labour

Election results

General Election 2010: Motherwell and Wishaw[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Frank Roy 23,910 61.1 +3.6
SNP Marion Fellows 7,104 18.2 +1.7
Liberal Democrat Stuart Douglas 3,840 9.8 –2.2
Conservative Patsy Gilroy 3,660 9.4 +0.1
Trade Unionist & Socialist Ray Gunnion 609 1.6 N/A
Majority 16,806 43.0 +2.0
Turnout 39,123 58.5 +1.8
Labour hold Swing +1.0
General Election 2005: Motherwell and Wishaw (new boundaries)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Frank Roy 21,327 57.5 N/A
SNP Ian MacQuarrie 6,105 16.5 N/A
Liberal Democrat Conor Snowden 4,464 12.0 N/A
Conservative Peter Finnie 3,440 9.3 N/A
Scottish Socialist Gregor MacEwan 1,019 2.7 N/A
Free Scotland Dallas Carter 384 1.0 N/A
Christian Vote Coral Thompson 370 1.0 N/A
Majority 15,222 41.0 N/A
Turnout 37,109 55.4 N/A
Labour hold Swing
General Election 2001: Motherwell and Wishaw
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Frank Roy 16,681 56.2 -1.2
SNP Jim McGuigan 5,725 19.3 -3.2
Conservative Mark Nolan 3,155 10.6 -0.4
Liberal Democrat Iain Brown 2,791 9.4 +3.0
Scottish Socialist Stephen Smellie 1,260 4.2 N/A
Socialist Labour Claire Watt 61 0.2 -2.0
Majority 10,956 36.9
Turnout 29,673 56.6 -13.5
Labour hold Swing
General Election 1997: Motherwell and Wishaw
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Frank Roy 21,020 57.4 N/A
SNP Jim McGuigan 8,229 22.5 N/A
Conservative Scott Dickson 4,024 11.0 N/A
Liberal Democrat Alan Mackie 2,331 6.4 N/A
Socialist Labour C. Herriot 797 2.2 N/A
Referendum Party T. Russell 218 0.6 N/A
Majority 12,791 N/A
Turnout 70.1 N/A
Labour hold Swing N/A


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