Counterpoise is an alternative review journal based in Gainesville, Florida (USA). It was founded in 1997 by Charles Willett, as a project of the AIP Task Force[1] of the American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table[2]. In January 2001, Counterpoise became a project of the Civic Media Center (an alternative library also located in Gainesville, Florida). Counterpoise magazine focuses on marginalized publications—books, magazines, and films on controversial topics or viewpoints that are not adequately represented in American mainstream press. The magazine is released on a quarterly basis; one issue each year is a double issue.

Counterpoise is a collective, wherein all members participate in the process of creating and publishing the magazine. The Collective is composed of volunteers and student interns from the University of Florida and Florida State University. The magazine is distributed throughout the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Europe; subscribers and contributors come from a wide range of fields and include historians, journalists, librarians, teachers, and activists of all stripes. Both the CMC and Counterpoise are non-profit organizations.

The volunteers at Counterpoise are contributing a weekly talk radio show for Gainesville's low power FM station WGOT-LP 94.7, which began broadcasting in January 2008. The show (Counterpoise Radio) airs locally on Mondays at 3pm.


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