T-shaped molecular geometry

T-shaped molecular geometry

In chemistry, T-shaped molecular geometry describes a somewhat unusual geometry adopted by compounds where a central atom has three ligands. Ordinarily, three-coordinated compounds minimize the steric repulsion between the ligands by adopting trigonal planar geometry. According to VSEPR theory this geometry results from three ligands and two lone pairs of electrons bonded to the central atom. The three atoms bond at 90° angles on one side of the central atom, producing the T shape. ["Chemistry Dictionary and Glossary." 2005. http://www.ktf-split.hr/glossary/no_en_o.php?def=T-shaped%20molecular%20shape] AXE Type: AX3E2 Example of a T-shaped molecules are the halogen trifluorides, such as ClF3.

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* [http://www.3dchem.com/3D Chem| Chemistry, Structures, and 3D Molecules]
* [http://www.iumsc.indiana.edu/IUMSC| Indiana University Molecular Structure Center]
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* [http://chemlab.truman.edu/CHEM121Labs/MolecularModeling1.htm| Molecular Modeling]
* [http://intro.chem.okstate.edu/1314F97/Chapter9/3BP.html| Animated Trigonal Planar Visual]

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