Mandrill (band)

Mandrill (band)
Origin Brooklyn, New York City, United States
Genres Funk
Years active 1968–1982; ?–present
Labels Polydor
Carlos Wilson
Lou Wilson
Ric Wilson
Neftali Santiago
Juaquin Jessup
Claude "Coffee" Cave II
Past members
Bundy Cenas
Omar Mesa
Charles Padro
Fudgie Kae Solomon

Mandrill is an American funk band formed in Brooklyn, New York City in 1968. The band was formed by three brothers: Carlos Wilson (trombone, vocals), Lou Wilson (trumpet, vocals) and Ric Wilson (sax, vocals). The brothers were born in Panama and grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. Other members of the band included Bundy Cenas (bass), Neftali Santiago (drums, percussion, vocals), Juaquin Jessup (lead guitar, percussion, vocals), Charles Padro (drums), Claude 'Coffee' Cave II (keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Fudgie Kae Solomon (bass) and Omar Mesa (Guitar).

Their songs have been sampled by many hip-hop acts such as Johnny D, Public Enemy, Shawty Lo, Big L, Kanye West, Jin, Eminem, and 9th Wonder. They combined funk with many other styles like Latin, salsa, rock, blues and soul.

Some of their songs have been used in the soundtracks of films: The Greatest (1977) directed by Tom Gries and Monte Hellman; and The Warriors (1979) directed by Walter Hill. The band continues to perform live; their signature song is arguably "Fencewalk."

Composite Truth (1973) was the band's most commercially successful album.




  • 1970: Mandrill
  • 1972: Mandrill Is
  • 1973: Composite Truth
  • 1973: Just Outside of Town
  • 1974: Mandrilland
  • 1975: Solid
  • 1975: The Best of Mandrill
  • 1976: Beast from the East
  • 1977: The Greatest (with George Benson) film soundtrack
  • 1977: We Are One
  • 1978: New Worlds
  • 1980: Getting in the Mood
  • 1981: Energize
  • 1981: The Warriors ("Echoes In My Mind" (with Luther Vandross) film soundtrack
  • 1992: Rebirth
  • 1997: Fencewalk: The Anthology
  • 2000: The Ultimate Collection
  • 2001: Peace and Love (EP for the 911 victims)
  • 2001: Driving While Black and Brown
  • 2002: live at montreaux
  • 2004: Pre-nuclear War Blues (single)
  • 2004: Sunshine (single from the movie Civil Brand)
  • 2009: untitled featuring "ablessing" (tribute to Barack Obama “Spirit Of Hiroshima” “We Gotta Get It (Right This Time),”collaborators including George Duke, Gerald Albright, & Chuck D


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