Dynamic Painting

Dynamic Painting

Dynamic painting is a movement in visual arts where paintings are updated on an on-going basis. The artist determines the general principles for image genesis and develops algorithms for transformation methods. The resulting image depends on a myriad of factors, and is, as a rule, unpredictable.



The Dynamic Paintings can be considered a generative art—an art that has been generated algorithmically by a computer system. Unlike all other generative art examples that account for just a few basic artistic principles and require very little artist input, Dynamic Paintings require the skills of an artist. An artist begins creation of a Dynamic Painting by conceiving an idea for the painting, selecting basic colors, shapes and principles of their development over time. Unlike a conventional painter, the artist has to think in one more dimension to properly design the evolution of images as the painting would develop.


Using various techniques that have deep roots in the styles of conventional paintings, an artist converts the brush strokes into algorithms that can precisely convey his original design of a digital painting. Once the Dynamic Painting has been designed and programmed, it is up to a computer system to bring it to life.


This algorithm represents the "DNA" of the picture. Just like the DNA of a living organism, with a slight mutation, the image algorithm can produce an infinite number of unique paintings. A carefully devised "mutation" algorithm uses a computer to generate a series of distinct images that follow the style and concept of the original painting. This "mutation" process can be slowly animated over time to produce a fluid motion within the element of a painting; producing a never-ending and never repeating show. The painting is always in the state of a perpetual transformation. The picture living its own life with objects moving and transforming but still following the original artist's concept.


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