Dress form

Dress form
Dress forms of 1893

A dress form is a three-dimensional model of the torso used for fitting clothing that is being designed or sewed. When making a piece of clothing, it can be put on the dress form so one can see the fit and drape of the garment as it would appear on a body, and make adjustments or alterations.[1]

Dress forms come in all sizes and shapes for almost every article of clothing that can be made. Dress forms in standard clothing sizes are used to make patterns, while adjustable dress forms allow garments to be tailored to fit a specific individual.

This is often colloquially referred to as a Judy for the female form and a James for the male.[citation needed]


A good dress form can be distinctly identified by the virtue of its features. What makes one dress form better than any other are the features included, judged by its usability and applications. To begin with, good dress forms have a natural body shape that features realistic looking hips and buttocks. Such a shape allows a user to design fitting garments more realistically and efficiently.

The most important key feature of quality Dress Forms are it’s collapsible shoulders. Collapsible shoulders are a standard feature included in every dressmaker form of any PGM Dress Form. The collapsible shoulders make it easy to fit model fabrics in and out of the dress form especially during dressmaking processes. Also, good dress forms have an easy pin-ability and seams at 2 sides of the body. Being pin-able means that the padding materials used to create the dress form must allow draping designer or pattern maker to insert pins easily and when such pins are inserted they remain in place firmly. The two bumped out seams at body sides should enable draping designers or pattern makers to feel and touch the sensational draping on dress forms.

Quality manufacturers of dress forms such as PGM Dress Form make each of their professional dress form individually. A handcrafted dress maker form is of better quality and very accurate in their measurements. PGM Dress Form employs professional form makers to craft each and every single one of the produced dress forms by hand, so the dress forms have unique, specific dimensions and precise contours.

A quality dress form must have a uniquely designed and crafted pedal base system. Such a system helps the dress maker to adjust the dressmaker form to the user’s desired height very easy.

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