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location_country = USA [ Washington Technology Federal Sources] ]
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Booz Allen Hamilton is a private consulting firm and government contractor with headquarters in McLean, Virginia, USA and 63 offices throughout the nation. Ralph Shrader is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company—the seventh chairman since Booz Allen's founding in Chicago in 1914. [ Vault Snapshot of Booz Allen Hamilton] ]

Booz Allen's services include strategy, operations, information technology, systems engineering, organizational change services, modeling and simulation, program management, staff augmentation, assurance and resilience, and economic and business analysis for the US Federal Government. Booz Allen primarily competes with SAIC, BAE Systems, IBM, and other systems integrators and defense contractors.

As of July 31, 2008, what was formerly Booz Allen Hamilton is now two separate companies. The Booz Allen vice presidents, aka partners, took a vote and decided to split the company into two distinct divisions. One focusing on US Government contracting, and the other focusing on commercial and international management consulting. The US Government business remains Booz Allen Hamilton and is majority owned by the Carlyle Group while the commercial and international firm is known as Booz & Company and is owned and operated as a partnership. [ Booz Allen separate] ]


"Booz Allen Hamilton traces its roots to Edwin G. Booz. A student at Chicago's Northwestern University in the early 1900s, Booz received a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in psychology, upon completion of his thesis 'Mental Tests for Vocational Fitness.' In 1914, Booz established a small consulting firm in Chicago, and, two years later, he and two partners formed the Business Research and Development Company, which conducted studies and performed investigational work for commercial and trade organizations. This service, which Booz labeled as the first of its kind in the Midwest, soon attracted such clients as Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Chicago's Union Stockyards and Transit Company, and the Canadian & Pacific Railroad." [ JRANK Booz Allen Hamilton History] ]


After graduating from Northwestern University in Illinois in 1914, Edwin G. Booz developed the business theory that companies would be more successful if they could call on someone outside their own organizations for expert, impartial advice. [ Booz Allen History] ] This theory developed into a new profession — management consulting — and the firm that would bear his name.

Early years

"In 1940, the firm was hired to help the United States Secretary of the Navy with World War II preparations, a project that marked the start of a longstanding relationship with the United States Federal Government. Since then, Booz Allen has had a hand in several notable private and public engagements throughout its years, such as advising on the breakup of Ma Bell and helping organize the National Football League in the 1960s."

Public years

In 1970, Booz Allen went public with an initial offering of 500,000 shares at $24 per share. Trading continued through 1976. [ Booz Allen Hamilton Historical Timeline] ]


"Booz Allen is privately held, which allows it to consider long-range investments that companies beholden to shareholders might not be able to make, Gerencser said. With private ownership, the company can make investment decisions that pay off farther down the road than some of its competitors. 'As a managing director, I can put investments in place that may provide a return in four or five or six years,' Gerencser said, adding that, 'we can often place long-term and even risky bets.'" [ Booz Allen, Quality over quantity] , May 14, 2007]

The firm was once public in the 1970s. [ [ Booz Allen Hamilton - History of Booz Allen 1970s ] ] , but the partners took the firm private again through one of the first management buyouts (MBO) to allow the firm to consider long-range investments that companies beholden to shareholders might not be able to make. [ [ To counter scrutiny Booz Allen puts ethics first ] ] "Time" magazine named it the most prestigious management firm in the world, [ [ Booz Allen Hamilton - History of Booz Allen 1950s ] ] with longstanding relationships with federal intelligence agencies, with current and former employees including former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey, former CIA employee Miles Copeland, Jr., and former NSA Director Mike McConnell, who is now the second Director of National Intelligence.


In 2007, the firm had roughly 110,000 applicants and 1033 new jobs. [ [ 100 Best Companies to Work For 2008: Booz Allen Hamilton snapshot | FORTUNE ] ]

Prominent client initiatives

Internal Revenue Service

Booz Allen was chosen in 1998 to help the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) modernize, and shed its dismal customer-service reputation. Booz Allen's team developed a strategy for the IRS to reshuffle its 100,000 employees into units focused on particular taxpayer categories: individuals, charities, businesses and so on. "We made some very dramatic changes in the way the IRS is organized", says Booz Allen Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ralph Shrader, an electrical engineering Ph.D. and 28-year company veteran. [ Booz Allen's Sweet Spot] , November 24, 2002] Despite these confident words, number reports from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) have pointed to mixed performance results at IRS, and notably, poor management of its IT portfolio and its contractors.

New South Wales, Australia

In 1988, the newly elected Greiner State Government commissioned a report into the State Rail Authority (SRA) of New South Wales by American consultants Booz Allen Hamilton. The report, delivered in 1989 recommended widespread job losses, up to 8000, including the withdrawal of staff from 94 country railway stations, withdrawing services on the Nyngan- Bourke line, Queanbeyan - Cooma line and Glen Innes- Wallangarra line, the axing of several country passenger services (the "Canberra XPT", the "Silver City Comet" to Broken Hill and various diesel locomotive hauled services) and the removal of sleeper trains from services to Brisbane and Melbourne. The report also recommended the removal of all country passenger services and small freight operations, but the government did not consider this to be politically feasible. [Moore, M Lagan, B. "SRA takes axe to 8000 jobs". Sydney Morning Herald, 14 July, 1989.] The SRA was divided into business units- CityRail, responsible for urban railways; CountryLink, responsible for country passenger services; FreightRail, responsible for freight services; and Rail Estate, responsible for rail property. Upon the formation of the business units in 1988, CityRail adopted a black and yellow 'L7' logo (later to become blue and yellow), and Countylink adopted its present blue and green 'Mountains' logo and livery. [State Rail Authority of New South Wales]

Notable colleagues and alumni

Notability follows this general principle: Lead and direct some of the world's largest corporations, government and other public agencies, emerging growth companies and institutions. [ [ Booz Allen Prominent Alum Short List] , retrieved November 24, 2007]


* Chipper Boulas - Vice President of Corporate Strategy, eBay
* Jonathan Black - Director, Corporate Affairs, University of Oxford [ Jonathan Black: Associate Fellow, Director of Corporate Affairs, and Sector Consultant in Media and Management Consulting] , retrieved November 24, 2007]
* Rohit Bhagat - Global Chief Operating Officer, Barclays Global Investors [ Barclays Global Investors Appoints Rohit Bhagat as Global Chief Operating Officer] , June 21, 2005]
* Sir (Francis) Christopher Buchan Bland - Chairman of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and former Chairman of British Telecommunications PLC [ BT News Release] , retrieved on January 12, 2008. ] [ SEC and BT] , AccountancyAge Publication, January 6, 2005.] [ Pictures] , National Portrait Gallery, retrieved January 12, 2008.]
* Chipper Boulas - Venture advisor in Paris, France and former Vice President of Corporate Strategy, eBay Fact|date=January 2008
* Jonathan S. Bush - President, CEO, and Co-founder of AthenaHealth [ Making Their Mark] , Entrepreneur Magazine, 2005] [ 2006 Leadership in the Healthcare Markets] , December 5, 2006]
* Art Collins - Chairman and CEO, Medtronic, Inc. [ Collins To Serve On New Department Of Commerce Advisory Panel On Measuring Innovation] , Medtronic Media Release, December 6, 2006]
* Tim Collins - Founder and Chief Executive of Ripplewood Holdings [ Business Week Names Tim Collins '78 A "Star of Asia"] , July 8, 2002]
* Edward C. Davies (Ted) - Managing Partner, Unisys Federal Systems [ Edward Davies, Managing Partner, Civilian Agencies, Federal Systems Biography] , retrieved November 25, 2007] [ House Committee on Veteran's Affairs: Testimony of Mr. Edward C. Davies (Ted), Managing PartnerUnisys U.S. Federal Government Group accompanied by Mr. Joseph Macies, Partner] , March 17, 2004]
* Karen Fawcett - Director, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia [ Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 115793 P)(Incorporated in Malaysia) and its subsidiaries: Financial statements for the financial year ended 31 December 2006] , retrieved November 25, 2007]
* Richard Gay - Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations for VH1 and CMT, MTV Networks [ Richard Gay was named senior vice president of strategy and business operations for VH1 and CMT] , July 1, 2004] [ Richard Gay, SVP, Strategy and Business, MTV Networks] , retrieved November 25, 2007]
* Rhonda Germany - Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Honeywell [ Honeywell Names Rhonda Germany Vice President, Strategy and Business Development] , October 25, 2002] [ Booz Allen Hamilton Alumni Profile: Rhonda Germany of Honeywell International] , retrieved November 25, 2007]
* Gerry Horkan - Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Yahoo! Inc. [ Booz Allen Hamilton Alumni Profile: Gerry Horkan, VP, Strategy, Yahoo!] , retrieved November 25, 2007]
* Paul Idzik - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Barclays PLC [ Paul Idzik COO at Barclays PLC, Officer since November 2004] , retrieved November 25, 2007] [Barclays PLC Corporate Executives, retrieved from Wikipedia on November 25, 2007]
* Raymond J. "Ray" Lane - General Partner at Kleiner Perkins Venture Capital Firm; Carnegie Mellon University Trustee, former President and Chief Operating Officer of Oracle Corporation, and inducted to West Virginia Business Hall of Fame [ Ray Lane, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers] , retrieved January 4, 2008] [ Ray Lane, Former Oracle Executive, Joins MetaMatrix Board of Directors] , BNET Research Center, March, 2003] [ Four leaders named to West Virginia Business Hall of Fame] , West Virginia University, August 20, 2003] [ Ray Lane Joins Asera Board of Directors] , Internet News, November 17, 2000]
* Edward J. O'Hare - Chief Information Officer for the U.S. General Services Administration's's Federal Acquisition Service; former Assistant Commissioner, General Services Administration, and former vice president at Dynanet [] , GSA News Releases, September 18, 2007] [ Former GSA official Ed O'Hare to return] , Capital Reps Federal e-Newsletter, December 14, 2006]
* Todd Y. Park - Co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Athena Health [ Todd Park to Focus On Strategy as Chief Athenista; Elected to Board of Directors] , COMTEX News Network, December 14, 2007] [] , LinkedIn, retrieved January 4, 2008] [ The Bush Health-Care Solution: No, not Dubya's. The president's first cousin Jonathan is an entrepreneur whose company, athenahealth, is trying to free doctors from the nightmare of insurance paperwork so they can get back to practicing medicine.] , FastCompany.Com, July 2005]
* Mark DeSantis, PhD - Chief Executive Officer of ANGLE Technology Consulting and Management and former CEO and President of Formation3 LLC [ Mark F. DeSantis, PhD, CEO – ANGLE Technology Consulting and Management – US email:] , Carnegie Mellon Heinz School News Release, retrieved January 4, 2008] [ Biography of Dr. Mark DeSantis, President] , Formation3 News Release, retrieved January 4, 2008]
* Stan Scoggins - Vice President of Worldwide Digital Assets, Universal Studios [ Henry Stuart Conference Studios] , The Henry Stuart Marketing Operations Management Symposium, May 9, 2005] [ Speaker Bio] , Global Society for Asset Management, November 10, 2003]
* Deven Sharma - President, Standard & Poor's and executive vice president for global strategy at The McGraw-Hill Companies [,3,3,0,3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.html] , S&P Management Bio, retrieved January 6, 2008] [ McGraw Hill Executive Bio] , retrieved January 6, 2008]
* Michael Wolf - Former president and COO of MTV Networks [ MTV Networks president and operating chief Michael Wolf resigns] , "International Herald Tribune" - Business January 11, 2007] [ Goliath Business] , retrieved January 11, 2007]

Politics and public service

* Wendy Alexander - Labour Party Leader and Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP). [ Ms. Wendy Alexander MSP] , The Scottish Parliament Member Pages, retrieved January 11, 2008.] [ Second chance for Alexander] , BBC Scotland News, August 15, 2007.]
* Karol Joseph "Bo" Bobko - Retired United States Air Force officer and a former USAF and NASA astronaut. [ Biographical Data] , Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, retrieved on January 13, 2008.]
* Keith R. Hall - Director, National Reconnaissance Office (1997-2001); formerly Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs [ No Mere Oversight] , Center for American Progress, June 2006]
* Steve Isakowitz - Department of Energy Chief Financial Officer. Former Deputy Associate Administrator, NASA, 2002-2005 [ It Takes a Rocket Scientist - Managing Department of Energy (DOE) Finances] , June 2007] [ HEARING BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES UNITED STATES SENATE ONE HUNDRED TENTH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION ON THE NOMINATION OF STEVEN J. ISAKOWITZ TO BE CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY] , March 20, 2007] [ NASA Names Steve Isakowitz as New Exploration Systems Directorate Deputy] , NASA PRESS RELEASE, January 6, 2005] [ Profile: Steve Isakowitz - The View From the Inside] , By Brian Berger, Space News Staff Writer, April 4, 2005]
* William Benjamin "Bill" Lenoir (Ph.D.) - Former NASA astronaut.
* George E. Little - Media Relations, Central Intelligence Agency (2007-)
* John M. McConnell - Director of National Intelligence (2007-); formerly Director of the National Security Agency (1992-96); retired in 1996 as Vice Admiral, United States Navy [ President Bush Attends Swearing-In of Mike McConnell as Director of National Intelligence] , February 20, 2007]
* Thomas S. Moorman Jr. - Commander, Air Force Space Command (1990-92); Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force (1994-1997)
* Michael C. Mullen - Assistant Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
* Patrick Gorman - Assistant Deputy Director National Intelligence (ADDNI), Strategy, Plans, and Policy, ODNI
* Andrew Turnbull - Member, House of Lords (upper Parliament), United Kingdom (2005-); Head of British Civil Service (2002-2005)
* General Frederick Frank Woerner, Jr. - Retired United States Army general and former commander of United States Southern Command.
* R. James Woolsey, Jr. - Director of Central Intelligence Agency (1993-95)
* Dov Zakheim - U.S. government advisor


* Joseph Garber - Author
* Olivia Goldsmith - Author
* David H. Holtzman - Author
* Patricia A. Morrissey - Commissioner, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (presidential appointee)
* Bruce Pasternack - Former President and CEO of Special Olympics International, former Director of Energy Policy for the Federal Energy Administration, Former board member BEA Systems (NASDAQ: BEAS), currently on the board of trustees of Cooper Union and serves as a board member for Codexis, Quantum Corporation (NYSE: QTM) and Symyx Technologies as well. Also, was the author of "Results" and "The Centerless Corporation", books on strategy and business.

Criticisms and controversies


In 2006 at the request of the Article 29 Working Group, an advisory group to the European Commission (EC), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Privacy International (PI) investigated the U.S. government's SWIFT surveillance program and Booz Allen's role therein. The ACLU and PI filed a memo at the end of their investigation which called into question the ethics and legality of a government contractor (in this case Booz Allen) acting as auditors of a government program, when that contractor is heavily involved with those same agencies on other contracts. The basic statement was that a conflict of interest may exist. Beyond that, the implication was also made that Booz Allen may be complicit in a program (electronic surveillance of SWIFT) that may be deemed illegal by the EC. [ ACLU, PI, and SWIFT] ] [ Booz Allen Not An Independent Check On SWIFT Surveillance] , September 27, 2006]

Democracy Now

Another controversy related to some of the senior staff of Booz Allen (past and present) and related to its performance on some specific U.S. intelligence agency contracts was brought to light on 12 January 2007 in an interview conducted by Democracy Now! with Tim Shorrock, [ Mike McConnell, Booz Allen and the Privatization of Intelligence] , January 12, 2007] an independent investigative journalist, and separately in an article he wrote for the Salon online magazine. Through investigation of Booz Allen employees, Shorrock asserts that there is a sort of revolving-door conflict of interest between Booz Allen and the U.S. government, and between multiple other contractors and the U.S. government in general. Regarding Booz Allen, Shorrock referred to such people as John M. McConnell, R. James Woolsey, Jr., and James R. Clapper, all of whom have gone back and forth between government and industry (Booz Allen in particular), and who may present the appearance that certain government contractors receive undue or unlawful business from the government, and that certain government contractors may exert undue or unlawful influence on government. Shorrock further relates that Booz Allen was a sub-contractor with two programs at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), called Trailblazer and Pioneer Groundbreaker, and then asserts two statements: that these programs reveal that many contractors are involved in various intelligence programs of which the media and parts of U.S. Government have now questioned the legality; and that the apparent (assertion made by Shorrock) unsuccessful nature of the programs reveals a lack of competence by both NSA and Booz Allen. [ The spy who came in from the boardroom: Why John Michael McConnell, a top executive at a private defense contractor, should not be allowed to run our nation's intelligence agencies.] ]

Homeland Security

A June 28, 2007 "Washington Post" article related how a U.S. Department of Homeland Security contract with Booz Allen increased from $2 million to more than $70 million through two no-bid contracts, one occurring after the DHS's legal office had advised DHS not to continue the contract until after a review. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the contract characterized it as not well-planned and lacking any measure for assuring valuable work to be completed.

According to the article,

A review of memos, e-mail and other contracting documents obtained by The Washington Post show that in a rush to meet congressional mandates to establish the information analysis and infrastructure protection offices, agency officials routinely waived rules designed to protect taxpayer money. As the project progressed, the department became so dependent on Booz Allen that it lost the flexibility for a time to seek out other contractors or hire federal employees who might do the job for less.

Elaine C. Duke, the department's chief procurement officer, acknowledged the problems with the Booz Allen contract. But Duke said those matters have been resolved. She defended a decision to issue a second no-bid contract in 2005 as necessary to keep an essential intelligence operation running until a competition could be held. [ Costs Skyrocket As DHS Runs Up No-Bid Contracts: $2 Million Security Project Balloons to $124 Million] , June 28, 2007]


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* List of United States defense contractors
* Value Measuring Methodology

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* [ Booz Allen Hamilton official website]
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* [ Shorrock, Tim. "Carlyle Group May Buy Major CIA Contractor: Booz Allen Hamilton." Corpwatch, March 8, 2008 (article profiles Booz Allen Hamilton).]
* [ Story about Booz Allen Hamilton] from "Democracy Now!", May 19, 2008

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