Interstate 375 (Michigan)

Interstate 375 (Michigan)

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map_notes=I-375 in red, BS-375 in green
length_ref= [ Route Log- Auxiliary Routes of the Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways - Table 2] ]
established=1964cite web|author=Bessert, Christopher J.|title=Michigan Highways: Highways 250 through 696|date=2005-10-11|work=Michigan Highways|url=|accessdate=2006-10-18]
At only convert|1.06|mi|km|0 in length, Interstate 375 (I-375) in Detroit has the distinction of being the shortest signed Interstate Highway that is up to Interstate Standards. Only the unsigned I-878, I-110, and I-315 are shorter.cite web|author= |title=Interstate 375|date=2005-03-31|work=3-digit Interstate Highways|url= |accessdate=2008-01-27] I-375 is the southernmost leg of the Walter P. Chrysler Freeway and is a spur off of I-75 into downtown Detroit to end at the unsigned Business Spur Interstate 375 (BS I-375), better known as Jefferson Avenue.

Route description

I-375 and the Chrysler Freeway begin at Jefferson Avenue and St. Antoine Street in downtown Detroit. They run east before turning north. Just about a mile after the southern terminus, I-375 meets the Fisher Freeway which carries I-75 north of downtown. At this interchange, I-75 takes ramps to leave the Fisher Freeway and use the Chrysler Freeway, replacing I-375. I-375 is a four-lane freeway the entire length.


On 1964-06-12, a new surface street highway/freeway in Detroit was opened running north from Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Street to the Fisher/Chrysler freeway interchange. The freeway portion was given the I-375 moniker while the street portion was designated BS I-375. Originally planned as part of I-75, this portion of the Chrysler Freeway remained from an aborted plan to route the I-75 freeway along the riverfront. Instead I-75 would be routed along the Fisher Freeway and take ramps to connect to the Chrysler, leaving this stub of a freeway as the only remnant of the plan.

Exit list

The entire route is in Detroit, Wayne County.

BS I-375

The unsigned Business Spur Interstate 375 (BS I-375), which is convert|884.2|ft|m|1 long, continues west on Jefferson Avenue from the southern end of I-375, ending at the entrance to the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel at Randolph Street (M-3). Jefferson Avenue past that intersection is M-10, quickly becoming the Lodge Freeway. This designation was created in 1964. It was briefly extended to the intersection of the Lodge and Fisher in 1986, but within one year had reverted to its former terminus.cite web | author= Bessert, Christopher J. | title= Michigan Highways: Business Connections 96 through 496 | date=2006-10-22 | work=Michigan Highways | url= | accessdate=2007-03-23 ]


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