Blitzkrieg (game)

Blitzkrieg (game)

"Blitzkrieg" was an early strategic-level wargame first published in 1965 by the Avalon Hill Game Company. The game depicted a war between two fictional countries on the map of an imaginary continent. The level of military technology was that of the Second World War.

The game was implemented using cardboard counters to represent military units on a hexagonal field superimposed over the mounted, printed mapboard. Like other Avalon Hill games of the era, two sets of rules were included: a "Basic Game" set with simple mechanics and an "Advanced Game" that included rules for simulating naval and air warfare in addition to land warfare.

The player who moves first commands a country named "Great Blue;" the other player commands "Big Red." There are several neutral countries between them whose response to being attacked is simulated in the rules. The game tries to be more balanced as a game than any real war. It has several fronts differing by terrain type, including a desert and mountains.

The game was in many ways a more sophisticated version of Avalon Hills' original breakthrough strategic wargame, "Tactics". It maintained the fictional setting, the 'red' and 'blue' countries, and odds based combat of Tactics while adding greater complexity, including more sophisticated terrain, air combat, and the hexagonal (rather than square) mapboard.

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