Blitzkrieg (disambiguation)

Blitzkrieg (disambiguation)

Blitzkrieg may refer to:

*Blitzkrieg, a military term
*Blitzkrieg (game), a tabletop wargame published by Avalon Hill in 1965
*Blitzkrieg (computer game), a World War II computer game
*Blitzkrieg (DC Comics), a comic book
*Blitzkrieg (Marvel Comics), a comic book superhero
*, a book by Len Deighton and a computer game published by Ariolasoft in 1987
*Scholar's mate, a chess beginner's blunder

In music:
*Blitzkrieg (band), an English heavy metal band
**"Blitzkrieg", a song by Blitzkrieg, later covered by Metallica
*Blitzkrieg (punk band), an English punk rock band
*"Blitzkrieg" (song), a song by Excessive Force
*"Blitzkrieg", a song by Yngwie Malmsteen
*"Blitzkrieg", a song by Deathstars
*"Blitzkrieg Bop", a song by the Ramones
*Blitzkrieg, a former name for Therion (band)

In sport:
*Jay Ross, a former professional wrestler
*Jack Evans, a professional wrestler

In cinema:
*Team Blitzkrieg. The German team in the Movie

In science:
*The "Blitzkrieg" or "Overkill" hypothesis of the New World Pleistocene extinctions

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