Turbine (disambiguation)

Turbine (disambiguation)

A turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a fluid flow.

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Types of turbines

*Gas turbine:*Jet engine:*Turbojet:*Turbofan:*Turbocharger:*Turboshaft

*Steam turbine:*Compound turbine

*Wind turbine:*Vertical-axis wind turbine:*Darrieus wind turbine:*Windstar turbine:*Savonius wind turbine:*Quietrevolution wind turbine:*Turby wind turbine:*Special wind turbines

*Water turbine:*Francis turbine:*Kaplan turbine:*Banki turbine:*Turgo turbine:*Wells turbine:*Gorlov helical turbine

*Tesla turbine

*Ram air turbine

Turbine parts, design and applications

*Turbine Hall
*Mercury vapour turbine
*Radial turbine
*Turbine map
*Wind turbine design:*Airborne wind turbine

*Turbine locomotive:*Gas turbine locomotive:*Gas turbine-electric locomotive:*Steam turbine locomotive:*Aeration Turbine

*Turbine engine failure


*List of wind turbine manufacturers
*Marine Turbine Technologies
*Capstone Turbine
*Liberty Wind Turbine

pecific turbines

*Mackay Gas Turbine, Queensland
*Fuhrländer Wind Turbine Laasow
*Dagenham wind turbines


*Turbine, Ontario


* Turbine, Inc., a software company
* The Second Stage Turbine Blade, A studio album by Coheed and Cambria.
* A Turbine - a vile concoction of Goldenshlager, Tequila, and Yukon Jack served as a shot.

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