Nereus (disambiguation)

Nereus (disambiguation)

Nereus, in Greek Mythology, was the eldest son of Pontus and Gaia.

Nereus may also refer to:

  • 12 metre yacht Northern Lights, which competed in the America's Cup under the name Nereus.
  • 4660 Nereus, a small asteroid
  • Nereus (Grid Computing), an open-source Java based computer software utility for Massively Parallel Computing
  • Nereus (Martian crater), a small crater on Meridiani Planum
  • Nereus (meta modeling language), a meta modelling language used in computer science
  • Nereus (Nuclear Reactor)
  • Nereus™(underwater tidal turbine), built by marine renewable power company Atlantis, installed at Newhaven, Victoria, Australia
  • Nereus (underwater vehicle), a hybrid autonomous underwater vehicle/remotely operated vehicle from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
  • Nereus (walrus), an orphaned walrus that resided in the Indianapolis Zoo
  • Nereus Pharmaceuticals, an American pharmaceutical company founded in 1988
  • Nereus Rowing Club, Amsterdam, founded in 1885
  • Nerus (Stargate), a fictional character on Stargate SG-1
  • Saint Nereus, a Roman saint
  • Nereus, a Greek steamer known previously as the SS Pfalz
  • USS Nereus

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