Whale (disambiguation)

Whale (disambiguation)

A whale is a sea mammal.

Whale may also refer to:

* James Whale, film director
* James Whale (radio), British radio & TV presenter;Placename
* Whale, Cumbria, England
* Whale Island (disambiguation)
* Whale Cove (disambiguation)
* Whale Rock, Rhode Island
* Whale Lake, Minnesota;Other
* a make of gully emptier, a sort of lorry
* "Moby-Dick" or "The Whale", an 1851 novel by Herman Melville
* Whaling, the hunting of whales
* Cetus, a constellation also known as "The Whale"
* Whale (band), a Swedish pop music group
* High roller, a type of casino gambler
* Whale type submarine - is an experimental soviet submarine Type 617, which uses steam turbine as engine.
* Whale (ship) (1810–1816), a sailing vessel
* Tobias Whale, a comic book villain
* Whale (computer virus), a malicious program
* "The Whale" (Tavener), a "dramatic cantata" written by the English composer John Tavener
* "The Whale" (ELO song), a song by ELO
*, ships of the US Navy
* Whale shark, a fish
* Whale louse, a parasitic crustacean
* Whale barnacle, a mollusk
* Ingalls Rink, Yale University

ee also

* Wale, a plank used as a specific component of timber structures
* Wales (disambiguation)

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