Derivative (disambiguation)

Derivative (disambiguation)

Derivative, in calculus, is a measurement of how a function changes when the values of its inputs change.

Derivative may also refer to:

  • Derivative (finance), a contract whose value is derived from that of other quantities
  • Derivative (chemistry), a type of compound which is a product of the process of derivatization
  • A derivative genre in music, which usually starts as a subgenre and becomes mainstream after the original genre declines in popularity. Example: house music is a derivative of disco.
  • Derivative Inc., a spin-off of Side Effects Software, creators of Houdini (software)
  • Derivative suit or derivative action, a type of lawsuit filed by shareholders of a corporation
  • Derivative work, in copyright law, a modification of an original work
  • Formal derivative, in mathematics, an operation on elements of a polynomial ring which mimics the form of the derivative from calculus
  • Derivative of a normal function in set theory
  • Aeroderivative gas turbine, a mechanical drive gas turbine derived from an aero engine gas turbine

See also

  • Derivation (disambiguation)
  • Derived, in phylogenetics, a trait present in an organism, but absent in the last common ancestor of its group

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