Rat (disambiguation)

Rat (disambiguation)

Rat and similar can refer to:


*Rat, an animal of the genus Rattus.
**for pet rats, see fancy rat
*Rat-baiting, a blood sport involving the baiting of rats in a pit
* Rat (Zodiac)
*Rat (council), a German advisory or ruling council (derived from raten, "to advise")
**Council of the European Union in German: Rat der Europäischen Union.
**European Council in German: Europäischer Rat.
**Parlamentarischer Rat, predecessor of the German Bundestag
* Rat (Ned's Atomic Dustbin), a band member of Ned's Atomic Dustbin
* Rat Park
* Rat (Pearls Before Swine), one of the main characters in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine
*Rat (film), a 2000 Irish film
*Proco Rat guitar distortion pedal
* Slang for an informant or the act of "snitching"
* Inflatable rat, used by protesting trade unions
* Răzvan Raţ, Romanian footballer
* Rat (Slang), Offensive slang for a woman eg. "Get back in the kitchen you filthy Rat"


* Ratt, an American glam metal band:*Ratt (EP), self titled EP from American glam metal band Ratt
* RATT, or RTTY, acronym for radioteletype


* Ram air turbine
* Register Alias Table
* Remote administration tool
* Rock Abrasion Tool of the MER-A (Spirit) and MER-B (Opportunity) Mars rovers
* Rough and Tumble - a martial art of South African origin
* an acronym for Radio Access Technology


* "Rats (Pearl Jam song)", a song by Pearl Jam from their 1993 album "Vs."
* "Rats (Ray Davies song)", a song by The Kinks
* Rats of Tobruk
* Desert Rats, a nickname for the 7th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)
* Rats Of The Maze, a computer game for the BTOS/CTOS computers (Unisys)
* "Rats (The Automatic song)", a song off of The Automatics album Not Accepted Anywhere
* Rats (Band), a UK band formed in the late 60s
* Rats - Notte di terrore - a 1984 Italian horror-movie.
* An informal name for the Ilaga, a Christian militia in Mindanao, Philippines.


* Regression Analysis of Time Series, a statistical package
* Rough Auditing Tool for Security, a computer program
* Reverse Add Then Sort, an integer sequence (OEIS A004000: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16...)
* Desert Research and Technology Studies, or Desert RATS, a series of field trials conducted by NASA

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* The Rat Pack disambiguation page

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