Blade (disambiguation)

Blade (disambiguation)

A blade is a sharp cutting part, for instance of a weapon or tool.

Blade may also refer to:
* Bladed weapon, especially a sword
* Razor blade, used for shaving
* Blade (archaeology), a type of stone tool
* Prismatic blade, a type of stone archeological artifact that is long and narrow with parallel margins
* Samsung SPH-A900, commonly referred to as the "blade"
* A single leaf of grass
* A rotating aerofoil or wing of a rotary engine (turbine, compressor, ...)

* Kansas City Blades, a defunct American ice hockey team
* The Blades is common nickname for the UK football team Sheffield United and their fans
* A component of a spinnerbait fishing lure
* A blade is the end of a rowing oar
* A blade is an advanced type of golf club, referring to the shape of an iron's clubhead
* "To get blades" in a bumps race is to bump up four times in four days
* The word "Blade" is used to refer the face of the Cricket Bat in Cricket.

* "Blade (comics)", a Marvel Comics character
* "Blade" (film series), a movie trilogy starring Wesley Snipes
* "Blade" (film), the first film in the "Blade" series, which was released in 1998
* "Blade II", part 2 in the "Blade" series
* "Blade Trinity", part 3 in the Blade series
* "", a television spin-off of the comic book series and movies
* Blades is a fictional organization in the "The Elder Scrolls" series of computer games
* Blades (Transformers) is a street-brawling Autobot from the Transformers series
* Blading (professional wrestling), to cut oneself in order to draw blood for dramatic effect
* Blade (Masters of the Universe), a character from the "Masters of the Universe" franchise series
* Blade (rapper), a UK recording artist
* Blade (artscene group), a group active during the 1990s
* Blades Club, M's private card club featured in several of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels
* "Kamen Rider Blade", a Japanese tokusatsu superhero television series

Place name:
* Blades, Delaware, in the United States

* "Toledo Blade", a newspaper
* "Washington Blade", a gay newspaper
* "New York Blade", a gay newspaper
* Blade (magazine), a knife collecting magazine

* Blade server, a self-contained computer server, designed for high density
* Blade PC

*Bristol Laboratory for Advanced Dynamics Engineering

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