Masamune (disambiguation)

Masamune (disambiguation)

Masamune (正宗?) is a Japanese name.

As a given name:

As a surname:

  • Masamune (c.1264–1343 AD), a famous swordsmith.
    • The swords Masamune had made were named after himself.
    • Masamune Juttetsu (正宗十哲), the ten excellent disciples of Masamune.
  • Hakuchō Masamune (1879–1962), a noted Japanese critic, novelist, and dramatist.
    • Tadao Masamune, the birthname of Hakuchō Masamune.
  • Masamune Atsuo (1881–1958), a Japanese literature researcher and poet.
  • Genkei Masamune (1899–1993), a Japanese botanist.

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