Surface ectoderm

Surface ectoderm

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Caption = Organs derived from ectoderm.

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The surface ectoderm (or external ectoderm forms the following structures:

*Skin(only epidermis;as dermis is derived from mesoderm) (along with glands, hair, nail (anatomy))
*Epithelium of the mouth and nasal cavity saliavary glands, and glands of mouth and nasal cavity
*Enamel (in teeth) - as a side note dentin and dental pulp are formed from ectomesenchyme which is derived from ectoderm (specifically neural crest cells and travels with mesenchmyal cells)
*Epithelium of pineal and pituitary glands
*Lens and cornea of the eye
*Apical ectodermal ridge inducing development of the limb buds of the embryo.
*Sensory receptors in epidermis

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