Music on The Shield

Music on The Shield

The role of music is an important one on the FX television drama The Shield. Stylistically, the music on the show can range from hip hop (Master P) to mainstream pop (Duran Duran) to hard rock (Kid Rock) to country music (Johnny Cash), often within the span of a single episode.


Opening and end credits

The opening credits for each episode consists of simply each starring cast member's name on a black screen interspersed with the action of the episode. Usually at a poignant moment, the brief excerpt of the show's theme is played, leaving into the show's logo screen and the listing of series creator, Shawn Ryan. The theme, which is played again in full during the closing credits, is called "Just Another Day", by Vivian Ann Romero, Ernesto J. Bautista & Rodney Alejandro.

Music throughout the episodes

Most episodes use a unique piece of previously recorded music during the opening or closing montage sequence, with few exceptions. Often the song relates to the emotional mood of the characters or themes presented in the episode. Music is also heard being listened to by the show's characters. Other than these, the show makes little use of background music to enhance the show's realism.

The following is a list of songs used in each episode:

Season 1

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "Pilot" "Bawitdaba"
"Something's Coming"
"Ponle Cadera"
"Descarga Total"
"God Says No"
"La Plaga"
"Alleluia Melisma"
Kid Rock
Nick Pantell
Monster Magnet
The Mexakinz
Los Lobos
Steve Edwards
2 "Our Gang" "Crowd Killa"
"Amazing Grace"
"Highway 45"
"Rock Tha Spot"
"Like Lightning Strikin'"
"Kansas City Feel"
Mike Jimenez
Bernie Marsden
The Urbanites
Bernie Marsden
Paul Lenart
El Peyote Asesino
3 "The Spread" "Show a Lil Mo"
"Get E Up"
"Air Max 95 Remix"
"Ese Es Mi Amigo"
"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
"The Streets of Iran"
"Que Vuelva"
Out of Order
Howard Roark
Milo Berger & J. Zone
Los Corales
Los Pinguos
Zamp Nicall
Delinquent Habits
4 "Dawg Days" "Beer"
"The Flute Thing"
"One by One"
"Dance With the Devil"
"Sunday Jack"
"Do It Right"
"Throwin' You a Party"
"Heart of a Rebel"
Trailer Park Cassanovas
Project 86
Jason Darling
Matthew Anthony
Young Dre
Flight 180
Molly M
Debbie Mitchell
Abby Dobson
John Leber
5 "Blowback" "Hyots Aghunak"
"Get Away"
"Wah Wah"
"Caught Up In the System"
"Yreg Votnlvai"
"Trial by Fire"
"The Flute Song"
"One by One"
"Ballad of Joliet"
Seda Garibyan
Danny Wood
Arte Mixto
3rd Root
Arakel Siunetsi
Sam Spade
Project 86
Jason Darling
Bernie Marsden
6 "Cherrypoppers" "Love Loss"
"Under the Midnight Sun"
"Forbidden Fruit"
"Eine Kleine"
"Sexy Samba"
"Night In the City"
"Whiskey In the Morning"
Ian Love
Zamp Nicall
Le Jung Hyu
Jim Blake
Sam Spade
Gregg Montante
7 "Pay in Pain" "Fumaza"
"Get Away (Alternative Remix)"
"Sugar Fine"
"La Maraca"
"No Queda Nada"
"Reflections of Isis"
"Take Me Somewhere Nice"
Los Pinguos
Danny Wood
Gerard McMahon
Bernie Marsden
Arte Mixto
Ducomet & Ascencio
Sam Spade
Dislocated Styles
Stephen Edwards
8 "Cupid & Psycho" "All My Little Words"
"Erase Me"
"Laws of Physics"
"We Got the Youth"
"Where Are You Gonna Find Another Fool"
The Magnetic Fields
Loot Pack
Sam Black Church
Soul Brother Six
9 "Throwaway" "Nacionabismo"
"Let's Ride"
"Cuiden a Los Ninos"
"Como En Secundaria"
"Green Fantasy"
"El Capitan"
Cage 9
Kinto Sol
Julieta Venegas
Nick Pantell
Kinto Sol
Julieta Venegas
10 "Dragonchasers" "Pull You Into Me"
"Sing Along"
"I Am King"
"Helicon 1"
"Take Me Somewhere Nice"
Erinn Williams
11 "Carnivores" "Punk Ass"
"I'm Gone"
"What's Up For Tonight"
"Vesti la giubba"
"Los Parrandones"
"All I Really Want"
"Casta Diva"
Luther Johnson (Guitar Junior)
Out of Order
Gahee Lee
Daniel Indart
The Royal Philharmonic
12 "Two Days of Blood" "Como Te Gusta (Remix)"
"Superfunk 2000"
"Freedom Band"
"Teeny Bopper"
"Pa'Gozar Pilon"
"Even Now"
"I'm On the Move"
Daniel Indart
Henri Yonet
Delinquent Habits
Tony Cook
Steve Reynolds
Daniel Indart
Bobby Byrd
13 "Circles" "Trouble"
"Nothing's Clear"
"Spill Me"
"Planet LA"
"Eddie's Thing"
Ill Niño
Project 86
Jaya the Cat
Played during closing montage

Season 1 promo trailer by Rachel Stamp - Blackcherry

Season 2

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "The Quick Fix" "Blue on Black"
"Long Awaited"
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
2 "Dead Soldiers" "Cuentan Que El"
"No Muerdas La Mano"
Kinto Sol
3 "Partners" "Breakdown"
"Debemos Creer"
"The Whole Truth"
Bye Sami
Michael Penn
4 "Carte Blanche"  ?  ?
5 "Greenlit" "Drinking Muddy Water"
"Fish Head"
North Mississippi Allstars
Slim & the Soulful Saints
6 "Homewrecker"  ?  ?
7 "Barnstormers" "Rich Girl" Hall & Oates
8 "Scar Tissue" "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" Flogging Molly
9 "Co-Pilot" "Justice" Black Uhuru
10 "Coyotes"  ?  ?
11 "Inferno"  ?
12 "Breakpoint" "Thorn" Unida
13 "Dominoes Falling" "Trouble"
"Ghetto Starzz"
Daniel Ash
Grand Drive

Season 3

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "Playing Tight" "Holy Roller Novocaine"
"Escape (The Piña Colada Song)"
Kings of Leon
Rupert Holmes
2 "Blood and Water" "Nothing I Can Do About It Now" Willie Nelson
3 "Bottom Bitch"  ?  ?
4 "Streaks and Tips" "The Stroke" Billy Squier
5 "Mum"  ?  ?
6 "Posse Up" "3030" Deltron 3030
7 "Safe"  ?  ?
8 "Cracking Ice" "Sway" Phaser
9 "Slipknot" "Ashes to Ashes" Steve Earle
10 "What Power Is..."  ?  ?
11 "Strays"  ?  ?
12 "Riceburner" "Hangin' By A Wire" Gordie Sampson
13 "Fire In the Hole"  ?  ?
14 "All In" "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" Ween
15 "On Tilt" "Back of Your Hand" Dwight Yoakam Played in Shane's car

Season 3 promo on STV was Deltron 3030 - 3030

Season 4

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "The Cure" Ooohwee Master P.
2 "Grave" Amazing Grace Dropkick Murphys Played while Strike Team members Vic Mackey, Curtis Lemansky and Ronnie Gardocki along with Captain Monica Rawling attend former Assistant Police Chief Ben Gilroy's funeral.
3 "Bang" Lay Down Mikal Raymo Played on the pornographic video
4 "Doghouse" "Demon Called Deception" Grant Lee Buffalo
5 "Tar Baby" "Hungry Like the Wolf" Duran Duran Played in Dutch's car as he sings to it, unaware that he's being recorded.
6 "Insurgents"  ?  ?
7 "Hurt" "Will You Smile Again" …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
8 "Cut Throat" "Nutshell" Alice in Chains Played in introduction as Vic, observing destitute urban conditions, drives through Farmington streets to the Captains new house
9 "String Theory"  ?  ?
10 "Back in the Hole"  ?  ?
11 "A Thousand Deaths"  ?  ?
12 "Judas Priest"  ?  ?
13 "Ain't That a Shame" "Ain't That a Shame" Cheap Trick Source of episode title.

Season 5

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "Extraction" "Til Kingdom Come" Coldplay
2 "Enemy of Good"  ?  ?
3 "Jailbait"  ?  ?
4 "Tapa Boca"  ?  ?
5 "Trophy" "Devil In Me" 22-20s Played while the Strike Team loads their weapons.
6 "Rap Payback" "Anything Goes" Madison Smartt Bell and Wyn Cooper Played during closing montage.
7 "Man Inside"  ?  ?
8 "Kavanaugh"  ?  ?
9 "Smoked"  ?  ?
10 "Of Mice and Lem" "Disarm" Smashing Pumpkins Played during closing montage.
11 "Postpartum"  ?  ?
  • Season 5 promo — "Bad, Bad Man" by John Cena

Season 6

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "On the Jones" "I Hung My Head" Johnny Cash Played at beginning and end of episode; written by Sting
2 "Baptism by Fire" Amazing Grace Dropkick Murphys
3 "Back to One" "I Ran (So Far Away)" A Flock Of Seagulls Played in Dutch's car. "Miles de pasajeros" Bajofondo Played while Vic Mackey is invading Guardo's hiding place.
4 "The New Guy"  ?  ?
5 "Haunts" "18 Wheels Of Love" Drive-By Truckers Played in Shane's car.
6 "Chasing Ghosts" "GTO" Dirty Rig Played during the raid on Snail's crib.
7 "Exiled"  ?  ?
8 "The Math of the Wrath"  ?  ?
9 "Recoil"  ?  ?
10 "Spanish Practices" Interview "Respek" Skripture (Mike Foy) Played on Gangbanger porch scene
  • Season 6 promo — "This Night" by Black Lab

Season 7

# Episode title Song title Artist Notes
1 "Coefficient of Drag" "Reach for the Sky" Social Distortion Played at beginning of the episode.
2 "Snitches"  ?  ?
3 "Money Shot"  ?  ?
4 "Genocide"  ?  ?
5 "Game Face"  ?  ?
6 "Animal Control" "My Ashes" Porcupine Tree Played at the end of the episode.
7 "Bitches Brew"  ?  ?
8 "Parricide" "A Blessing And A Curse" Drive-By Truckers Played at beginning of the episode.
9 "Moving Day"  ?  ?
10 "Party Line" "Tonight" Michael Mazochi
11 "Petty Cash"  ?  ?
12 "Possible Kill Screen"  ?  ?
13 "Family Meeting" "Los Angeles"
"...Long Time Ago"
Concrete Blonde
Played at the beginning of the episode.
Played during the closing credits.
  • Season 7 promo — "Farewell Ride" by Beck

Soundtrack compilation

The Shield: Music from the Streets
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released September 5, 2005
Genre Various
Label Lakeshore Records
Professional reviews

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To date, there has been one official soundtrack compilation released in association with The Shield. The Shield: Music from the Streets was released in 2005,[1] and contains selections from the show's first four seasons. There has been however unofficial soundtracks released that can be found on the internet made by fans of the show that include other tracks featured in episodes however were not included on the official soundtrack.

Track listing

  1. "The Shield Theme" – Vivian Ann Romero, Ernesto J. Bautista & Rodney Alejandro
  2. "Hating Hollywood" – Theory of a Deadman
  3. "Death March" – Black Label Society
  4. "Bring Em Out Dead" – Onyx
  5. "Lay Down" – Mikal Raymo
  6. "Perkins" – Peyote Asesino
  7. "Caught Up in the System" – SX-10
  8. "Freedom Band" – Delinquent Habits
  9. "Pride" – Damageplan
  10. "Nothing's Clear" – Ill Niño
  11. "Rushing In" – Crazy Anglos
  12. "No Muerdas La Mano" – Kinto Sol
  13. "Breakdown" – Tantric
  14. "Betrayal" – The Black Maria
  15. "Let's Ride" – Conejo
  16. "Ooohhhwee" – Master P
  17. "Mafia" – Kelis featuring Markita
  18. "Cuiden A Los Niños" – Brujería
  19. "The Shield" (X-Ecutioners Remix) – The X-Ecutioners


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