Mexican Gray Squirrel

Mexican Gray Squirrel
Mexican Gray Squirrel
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Sciuridae
Subfamily: Sciurinae
Genus: Sciurus
Subgenus: Sciurus
Species: S. aureogaster
Binomial name
Sciurus aureogaster
F. Cuvier, 1829
  • S. a. aureogaster
  • S. a. nigrescens
Mexican Gray Squirrel range

Mexican gray squirrel (or Red-bellied squirrel) (Sciurus aureogaster) is a tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus endemic to Guatemala and in eastern and southern Mexico, and is an introduced species in the Florida Keys.[3]

The alternate name of this squirrel (Red-bellied squirrel) should not be confused with the Indonesian Red-bellied squirrel (Rubrisciurus rubriventer).

Grey mexican squirrel.jpg

The two subspecies each have many synonyms associated with them:[2]

  • The subspecies S. a. aureogaster was also known as S. a. chrysogaster, S. a. ferruginiventris, S. a. hypopyrrhus, S. a. hypoxanthus, S. a. leucogaster, S. a. maurus, S. a. morio, S. a. mustelinus, S. a. raviventer and S. a. rufiventris.
  • The subspecies S. a. nigrescens was also known as S. a. affinis, S. a. albipes, S. a. cervicalis, S. a. chiapensis, S. a. cocos, S. a. colimensis, S. a. effugius, S. a. frumentor, S. a. griseoflavus, S. a. hernandezi, S. a. hirtus, S. a. leucops, S. a. littoralis, S. a. nelsoni, S. a. nemoralis, S. a. perigrinator, S. a. poliopus, S. a. quercinus, S. a. rufipes, S. a. senex, S. a. socialis, S. a. tepicanus, S. a. varius and S. a. wagneri.


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