Siti Nurhaliza
Studio album by Siti Nurhaliza
Released 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Ethnic, Folk, Traditional
Label Suria Records
Producer Pak Ngah, S.Atan
Siti Nurhaliza chronology
Siti Nurhaliza

Cindai is the third solo album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza released in 1997. This is the second album she released in the same year.

Cindai would be the first attempt by Siti to sing traditional Malay folk songs. It has been the most memorable album in the 90's for its impact in the Malaysian music industry. The song called Cindai (the first track) has been nominated for the best song in the 90's.

After the successful debut (Sri Mersing) in her second album she later on committed on recording a fully traditional Malay album. Although the entire songs of the album are not fully composed by the composer but her stunning voice made the songs her own song. There were only 2 singles which have been fully composed by the producer namely Cindai and Joget Berhibur.



Controversy arose when speculation began as to the true meaning of Cindai. Cindai is understood as a type of traditional Malay fabric but some claimed that its real meaning was Banshee or vampire. It seems from the lyrics of the song that the lyricist intended the former definition, particularly noting the first verse's description of the qualities of the fabric.

# Judul Komposer
1. Cindai (Pak Ngah/Hairul Anuar Harun)
2. Laksamana Mati Dibunuh (Copyright Controlled)
3. Janji (Elya Khadam)
4. Lela Manja (Copyright Controlled)
5. Kaparinyo (Copyright Controlled)
6. Es Lilin (Ibu Mursih)
7. Damak (Copyright Controlled)
8. Joget Pahang (Copyright Controlled)
9. Patah Hati (Copyright Controlled)
10. Joget Berhibur (Rahim Jantan/Siso)


Competition Award
Juara Lagu Winner Best Creative Ethnic - Cindai
Juara Lagu Juara Lagu - Cindai
Juara Lagu Best Performance
  • 5 Platinum Album "Cindai"


  • Some Malaysians claimed that whenever they sing this song at night it gives goosebumps and creepy feelings.
  • Others claimed to have seen spirits of banshee while singing the song.
  • The song received positive responses from all over the country for its poetic and quite incomprehensible lyric
  • On 1 April 2005, she sung Cindai as a part of a medley of Zapin songs along with Mahligai Permata and Ya Maulai at the end of Irama Malaysia segments of her solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
  • Cindai has been translated into Chinese (Mandarin) language sung by Chien Bai Hui of China with some of the lyrics remained untranslated. Bai Hui claimed that she could not alter the original lyric due to its beautiful and poetic composition.


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