List of Hyperboloid structures

List of Hyperboloid structures

The page is a list of hyperboloid structures. These were first applied in architecture by Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov (1853–1939). Shukhov built his first example as a water tower (hyperbolic shell) for the 1896 All-Russian Exposition. Subsequently, more have been designed by other architects, including Le Corbusier, Antoni Gaudí, Eduardo Torroja, Oscar Niemeyer and Ieoh Ming Pei.

Notable projects

* The world's first Hyperboloid structure, Vladimir Shukhov, 1896
* Shukhov Tower, Vladimir Shukhov, 1922
* Crystal Island, Norman Foster, Moscow, 2014
* Adziogol Lighthouse, Vladimir Shukhov, 1911
* Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, []
* Vortex Tower, Ken Shuttleworth, London, 2012
* Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí (Hyperbolic vaults and windows)
* Church of Colònia Güell, Antoni Gaudí (Hyperbolic paraboloid vaults), 1898–1915
* [ The air traffic control tower of Barcelona Airport] , Ricardo Bofill, El Prat International Airport, Barcelona, Spain
* Cathedral of Brasília, Oscar Niemeyer
* [ Palace of Assembly in Chandigarh] , Le Corbusier
* [ Fedala Reservoir] , Eduardo Torroja
* [ Hyperboloid New York] , Ieoh Ming Pei
* Shukhov tower on the Oka River
* [ Various architects] , [ Project of Cheongna City Tower]
* Ještěd Tower, Liberec, Czech Republic
* Kobe Port Tower, Japan
* [ Volcan] by Oscar Niemeyer, Le Havre, France
* Sydney Tower
* Hyperboloid masts of Andrei Pervozvanny class battleship
* Hyperboloid masts of USS|West Virginia|BB-48|6
* Hyperboloid masts of USS|New Mexico|BB-40|6
* Hyperboloid masts of USS|Arizona|BB-39|6
* Hyperboloid masts of USS|Oklahoma|BB-37|6
* [] by Robert Wilson, Fermi Lab
* [ QIPCO Office Tower] in Doha, Qatar
* Georgia Dome
* Hyperbolic roof Olympic Stadium, Munich
* EXPO-70 Japan Automobile Pavilion by [ Kunio Maekawa]
* Hyperbolic paraboloid roof Pengrowth Saddledome
* [ «Poème électronique» Hypar Philips Pavilion] , Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis
* McDonnell Planetarium in St. Louis, Gyo Obata
* Hyperbolic paraboloid roof Apache Plaza []
* Cooling tower
* Gettysburg National Tower
* Ochsenkopf TV Tower
* Święty Krzyż TV Tower
* [ Tower by Jan Bogusławski] , 1972, Ciechanów, Poland
* [ Hyperboloid Corporation Street Footbridge] , 2000, Manchester, England
* [ Hyperboloid tower] by Daniel Roth and Alexander Kohm, 2003, Zürich, Switzerland
* [ Hyperboloid Tower] in Husnes, Kvinnherad, Norway
* [ Boruvka Tower] , [] , Chrudim, Pardubice region, Czech Republic.
* Pengrowth Saddledome

External links

* [ International campaign to save the Shukhov Hyperboloid Tower in Moscow]
* [ Tempo, A public art installation by Laboratory for Environments, Architecture & Design, In Husnes, Kvinnherad, Norway]

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