Polibino, Lipetsk Oblast

Polibino, Lipetsk Oblast

Polibino ( _ru. Полибино) is a village ("selo") in Dankovsky District of Lipetsk Oblast, Russia. A historical estate of Russian aristocrats Nechayevs is located there.

The estate is composed of a palace, English park, regular gardens, ponds, and more. On the grounds of the estate the world's first hyperboloid structure—the steel open-work lattice hyperboloid tower—is located. [ cite web | title = Hyperboloid water tower | date = 2007 | publisher = Nicolas Janburg, ICS | work = International Database and Gallery of Structures | url = http://en.structurae.de/structures/data/index.cfm?ID=s0037128 | accessdate = 2007-11-28]

The Great Russian engineer and architect Vladimir Shukhov was the first in the world to invent and use in construction hyperboloid towers. For the 1896 All-Russia industrial and art exhibition in Nizhniy Novgorod V.G.Shukhov built the steel lattice 37-meterfact|date=February 2008 tower, which became the first hyperboloid structure in the world. The astonishing hyperboloid stell gridshell caused delight of the European specialists. The English magazine "The Engineer" published an article about the Shukhov tower at the 1896 exhibition in Nizhniy Novgorod - "The Nijni-Novgorod exhibition: Water tower, room under construction, springing of 91 feet span", The Engineer, 1897, № 19.3. - P. 292-294: ill.

After the exhibition had closed, the openwork tower of rare beauty was bought by the well-known Maecenas of that time Yu.S. Nechaev-Maltsov and placed in his estate Polibino, Lipetsk Oblast, where it has preserved until now under the state protection. In the subsequent years, V.G.Shukhov developed numerous structures of various hyperboloid steel gridshells and used them in hundreds water towers, sea lighthouses, masts of warships and supports for power transmission lines. The hyperboloid structures appeared abroad only 10 years after the Shukhov's invention.

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