Shukhov Tower

Shukhov Tower

The Shukhov radio tower ( _ru. Шуховская башня), also known as the Shabolovka tower is a broadcasting tower in Moscow designed by Vladimir Shukhov. The 160-metre-high free-standing steel structure was built in 1919–1922 during the Russian Civil War. It is a hyperboloid structure (hyperbolic steel gridshell) composed of hyperboloids of revolution.

The tower is located a few kilometers south of the Moscow Kremlin, but is not accessible to tourists. The street address of the tower is "Shabolovka Street, 37", hence the tower's informal name.


Thanks to its lattice structure, the steel shell of Shukhov Tower in Shabolovka experiences minimum wind load, which is the main hazard for high-rising buildings. The tower sections are single-cavity hyperboloids of rotation made of straight beams, the ends of which rest against circular foundations.

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