Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild

Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild
Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild
The logo of Magwayen, the premiere theater organization of the PLM
Name Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild
Formed 1998
Location(s) Philippines Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (Tangahalang Manileño, Justo Albert Auditorium and the PLM Grandstand), Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
Notable members Adolf Alix, Florida M. Bautista, Marlon Miguel, Real Florido
Website Magwayen Geocities site
Genre(s) Filipino theatre

The Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild (Or, simply Magwayen) is the premiere theater organization of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. It is the first organization in PLM to stage a full-length original musical play - Bidasari (1999), the first group to organize a literary contest - Gawad Magwayen (1998), and the first performing arts ensemble to hold a major concert - Incunabula (2000).[1]

Founded in 1998 by Marlon Miguel, an award-winning screenplay writer[2][3], the organization already produced more than 10 major plays and many minor plays and other productions. Since its establishment, the organization, including its multi-talented members, has received citations from award-giving bodies such as the Molave Awards and Gawad CCP.


The Magwayen Name

The name Magwayen was derived from the Philippine History books. He was a Visayan deity for the underworld, inspiring present-day scholars to conquer the "other" world - the stage, literature and performing arts.

'Magwayen' has just recently renewed their name to 'Marulaya' the day before the 12th anniversary of the University Organization. And now, the so called 'Magwayen' is now known as 'Marulaya Creative Scholar's Guiild'

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The Dramatics Ensemble

Throughout the years, Magwayen has been renowned from producing original stage productions, from the epic musicals Bidasari, Indrapura, Ang Prinsepe ng Marulaya, and comedy Señorita Pretenciosa, to the darker dramas Casa Ligaya and Trajedia La Vida.

On September 20, 2007, Magwayen staged its boldest and most daring play to date, X (Eks) at the Tangahalang Manileño of the PLM. The said stage production is composed of ten short plays, a conglomeration of different artistic visions of various award-winning and talented directors, that depict the different facets of the Philippine society.

Performing Arts Group

PLM Activity Center, one of the venues for the variety shows produced by Magwayen.

Magwayen is proud of its performing arts division for creating edgy and riveting production numbers. Every performance was a guaranteed hit inspiring the group to produce concerts featuring the University’s home grown talents. The legendary Incunabula, jam-packed MMI, the celebrated Chill out at WOW and the Artist Fest 2006 were among the notable student concerts produced by the guild.

The Literary Division

Aside from producing its own play, Magwayen has also been writing for the guild’s productions. Students found a new way of speaking their hearts and soul through a variety of literary masterpieces. Some of their productions are Bidasari, Señorita Pretenciosa, Hawla, Tatlong Mukha, Ang Principe ng Marulaya, Live Act (comedy anthology, now with its 3rd installment), Indrapura, and many more.

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List of Magwayen Directors

Presidents of Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild
Marlon Miguel, 1998-1999
Raquel Refulgente, 1999-2000
Shengka Mangahas, 2000-2001
Michael Louis Flororita, 2001-2002
Mary Lyn Buguina, 2002-2003
Real Florido, 2003-2004
Aldrin Espinosa, 2004-2005
Jaycel Jacinto, 2005-2006
Byron Joseph Barinuevo, 2006-2007
John Paul Velasco, 2007–present

Aside from Adolf Alix, Marlon Miguel, Florida M. Bautista, and Real Florido, Magwayen is home to talented and award-winning directors. In 2007, the following directors together with Real Florido collaborated to create a stageplay entitled Eks (X).

  • Michael Louis Flororita was the President of Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild. He represented Magwayen in the President's Committee on Culture and Arts during his term. Michael is now working at an Events Agency under the Department of Trade and Industry and still continues to be Magwayen's acting coach. He directed Tisoy in Eks (X).
  • Joan Jelica Lopez-Flores is a poet, musician, graphic artist and an aspiring filmmaker. Her short film Respite won a special award in Gawad CCP' Para Sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Bidyo in 2004. Sibuyas, another short film she made, and her documentary Asyenda were finalists to the 2005 Catholic Mass Media Awards. She wrote and composed all the songs in the comedy-musical Saan Nagtatago Si Happiness?, finalist to the 2nd Cinemalaya Indie Film Fest. She also worked for ABS-CBN Concept Development Group in 2005. Joan is currently employed in advertising agency Beginnings Communications Inc. as Copywriter. She directed Clemency with Renneth Moldes.
  • Renneth Moldes is the former Vice-President for Literary and Productions Division of Magwayen from 2000 to 2002. She was the Technical Director of the guild's concerts from 1999 to 2002. She helped wrote in 2006 the controversial stageplay on homosexuality, Tatlong Mukha. She is now working at an Events Agency under the Department of Trade and Industry. She co-directed Clemency with Joan Jelica Lopez-Flores.
  • Carlo Angelo Yanesa has been the resident musical director for Magwayen stage productions and concerts. He directed 19sUmtHnG, Magwayen's musical romance offering in 2003. Carlo is currently working as musical coordinator, for ABS-CBN's Sunday variety show, ASAP, and part-time vocal coach for ABS-CBN artists. He directed Kape in Eks (X).
  • Vidal Condicion is a scholar of the Center for Arts, Inc., where he showcased his singing and acting prowess in an array of musicale performances held at the Music Museum. He also played one of the major characters in Magwayen's Walang Umaga sa Casa Ligaya. He directed Eks (X).
  • Vanessa Ann Singh is a former Vice-President for the Performing Arts Division of Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild. She has experience in professional theater, being part of Nick Joaquin's Portrait of the Artist as Filipino. Vanessa also took part in the guild's 1st musical Bidasari in 1999 and 2000. She is now performing around Asia as the lead vocalist of Fast Track Band. She directed Byaning in Eks (X).
  • John Borgy Danao started in Magwayen at the age of 15. He organized parties in the club scene and worked with local and international DJs like DJ Manolet Dario, RuPaul, White Party Armsterdam and Salvation London DJs, Air Dance, Ragin' Divas, and May Bayot. His independent animated film was given honorable mention by Gawad CCP in 2003. He was part of the creative brainstorming group of GMA-7's Zaido. He directed Ama Namin in Eks (X).
  • Franco Monticod is a former vice-president of Magwayen (2003–2004) and a graduate of Bachelor in Mass Communication. He is a freelance assistant director for music videos, TVCs, films and TV productions. His filmography include Mulawin the Movie, Eternity, La Visa Loca, ICU BED #7 (Cinemalaya 2005 entry) and Saan Nagtatago si Happiness? (Cinemalaya 2006 entry), ABS-CBN's Maalaala Mo Kaya, Sa Piling Mo, Maria Flor de Luna and Ysabella. He also worked as a brainstormer of GMA-7's teleserye Impostora and Kamandag. He directed Kompro in Eks (X).
  • Byron Joseph Barinuevo is a former President of Magwayen (2006–2007). He directed Ang Prinsipe ng Marulaya in 2005. He also bagged major roles for stage plays Indrapura (2006), Tatlong Mukha (2006), Ang Prinsipe ng Marulaya (2005), 19Sumthing (2004), Trahedya dela Vida (2003), and Walang Umaga sa Casa Ligaya (2002). He is currently working as a project coordinator for Mowelfund Film Institute. He directed Huling Dalaw in Eks (X).
  • Shengka Mangahas worked as a writer and segment producer for MGM Advertising. She also worked as Events Production and Marketing Manager for Circuit Asia Events. She directed Magwayen's 1st stage play, Hawla, and the two stagings of Bidasari. She is currently an English Teacher for IECC and a student in Every Nation Leadership Institute. She directed Alas-tres.


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