ASAP (variety show)

ASAP (variety show)

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show_name = ASAP '08

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format = Musical,
runtime = 3 Hours and 15 minutes
creator = ABS-CBN
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country = flagicon|Philippines Philippines
network = ABS-CBN
first_aired = February 05 1995
last_aired = Present
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imdb_id = 0363402
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director = Johnny Manahan

"ASAP '08", originally known as simply "A.S.A.P." ("A"ll-Star "S"unday "A"fternoon "P"arty) is a variety show in the Philippines, and broadcast on ABS-CBN every Sunday at 11:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Hosted by its main hosts "Mr. Pure Energy" Gary Valenciano, "Concert King" Martin Nievera, "Divine Diva" Zsa Zsa Padilla, "Ultimate Performer" Vina Morales, "Pop Diva" Kuh Ledesma and "Ultimate Heartthrob" Piolo Pascual.


January 21, 1995 saw the transfer of "Eat Bulaga!" to GMA Network. Due to this, ABS-CBN had to replace the long running and much syndicated "Sa Linggo nAPO Sila" to the vacated slot of "Eat Bulaga!". This saw the birth of Philippine Sunday TV's hottest noontime variety show; "A.S.A.P.". The show combined for the first time on television four of the most-well known personalities in their respective fields: the "Concert King" Martin Nievera, the "Concert Queen" Pops Fernandez, singer and matinee idol Ariel Rivera, and Miss Universe 1993 also known as "Dancing Queen" Dayanara Torres. The title of the new show was initially unknown, this was then later revealed as "A.S.A.P." or "All-Star Afternoon Party". The show originally had their own theme song, set, as well as interesting and innovative numbers. Initial broadcast commenced on February 1995 at the Delta Theatre (a former studio of ABS-CBN from 1995-1998). In 1998, they transferred to their (present) studio at the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center Studio 7 in Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City. Through the years, "ASAP" has experienced numerous hosting innovations, program highlights, and other high profile guestings. One of the revered controversial program highlights was when main host Martin Nievera tearfully resigned on air due to his marital problems with wife Pops in 1998. "ASAP" then scored high ratings and reviews against its rivals. In 2003, the show was reformatted as "ASAP Mania", after which some of its original hosts went to the rival show, "SOP Rules". The current format started in 2005 as "ASAP '05". In 2008, Asia's Nightingale Lani Misalucha joins ASAP. Currently the show is known as "ASAP '08".


Better than ever!
The Only One
Party TV
Home of the Hitmakers and the Champions


Rated PG

Dance and groove with Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, as he make your afternoon much hotter.

Full Circle

For the youth, they have a special segment called "Full Circle" where the talents of "Star Magic" dance and sing to urban music, which is usually a mix of hip hop and pop.

ASAP Music Room

Sing along with ASAP's singers like Champions Erik Santos, Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, Jed Madela, Mark Bautista, Sheryn Regis, alongside with Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Vina Morales and some PDA Scholars as they pay tribute to the legends of the music industry.

Grand Face-Off

*"Pop Star Princess" Sarah Geronimo
*"The Ultimate Champion" Rachelle Ann Go
*"Asia's Pop Idol" Christian Bautista
*"Prince of Pop" Erik Santos.


Dance with the most promising stars in the dance floor. Groove with the ultimate dance sweethearts, Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz. And Dance with the dance princess, Maja Salvador, and dance floor dynamite, John Prats.

ASAP Coverboys and Covergirls

ASAP Coverboys and Covergirls comes together to make your afternoon much hotter as they sing and dance to your favorite novelty songs. Included in the coverboys are Giovanni A., Rafael Rosell, Victor Basa , Zanjoe Marudo, Jon Avila, Will Devaughn, John James Uy and Ron Morales,

The Other Side of Sarah Geronimo

The biggest multimedia star of her generation, Sarah Geronimo performs live productions, none that anyone have ever seen her do. In this segment, we will truly get to see Sarah's other side.

ASAP Top Hits Express

Your favorite ASAP Kapamilya sing their hit songs!

ASAP Debut

This is where new artists are introduced. This is where the most famous Filipino Bands comes to ASAP to perform their songs. Bands like Callalily, Sponge Cola, Bamboo, Moonstar 88, Rocksteddy, Hale, Kamikazee, Itchyworms, Orange and Lemons, Parokya ni Edgar and Many More!


Billy Crawford's segment.


G-Force's Georcelle Dapat joins with Gab Valenciano and Mickey Perz with the featured guest and featured steps.


The grand star dreamer of "Pinoy Dream Academy", Yeng Constantino shows her talent in her very own segment.

ASAP Babes

A song number towards the end of the show including Anne Curtis, Toni Gonzaga, Nikki Gil, and Iya Villania,added girls are Maja Salvador and Shaina Magdayao.

Dancefloor Dance Crew

Hosts and Performers


* Saicy Aguila
* Ai Ai delas Alas semi-regular
* Angel Locsin semi-regular
* Gerald Anderson
* Victor Basa
* Christian Bautista
* Mark Bautista
* Kim Chiu
* Yeng Constantino
* Billy Crawford
* John Lloyd Cruz
* Jake Cuenca
* Anne Curtis
* Pops Fernandez semi-regular
* Sarah Geronimo
* Nikki Gil
* Rachelle Ann Go
* Toni Gonzaga
* Ronnie Liang
* Kitty Girls
* Kuh Ledesma semi-regular
* Jed Madela
* Shaina Magdayao
* Luis Manzano
* Zanjoe Marudo
* Sam Milby
* Lani Misalucha semi-regular
* Vina Morales
* MYMP semi-reg
* Nina semi-regular
* Sitti Navarro semi-regular
* Vhong Navarro
* Martin Nievera semi-regular
* Diether Ocampo
* Zsa Zsa Padilla
* Piolo Pascual
* Mickey Perz
* John Prats
* Sheryn Regis
* Melissa Ricks
* Star Magic Talents
* Maja Salvador
* Erik Santos
* Jay-R Siaboc
* Gary Valenciano
* Iya Villania
* Richard Poon
* Jericho Rosales semi-regular


*"Assunta De Rossi"
*"Dianne dela Fuente"
*"Sunshine Cruz"
*"Ariel Rivera"
*"Heart Evangelista" (moved to GMA)
*"Pops Fernandez"
*"Richard Gomez" (moved to GMA)
*"Dayanara Torres"
*"King Girado"
*"Jolina Magdangal"(moved to GMA)
*"Anna Fegi"
*"Jao Mapa"
*"Edu Manzano"
*"Roselle Nava"
*"Joey Mead"
*"Nikki Valdez"
*"Cris Villonco"
*"Charlene Gonzales"
*"Desiree Del Valle"
*"Mylene Dizon" (moved to GMA)
*"Onemig Bondoc"
*"Bituin Escalante"
*"Marvin Agustin" (moved to GMA)
*"Claudine Barretto"
*"Gretchen Barretto"
*"Carol Banawa"
*"Gio Alvarez"
*"Angelika dela Cruz" (moved to GMA)
*"Kristine Hermosa"
*"Bernard Palanca"
*"Carlos Agassi"
*"Michelle Ayalde"
*"Anjanette Abayari"
*"Kris Lawrence" (moved to GMA)
*"Jerome Sala"
*"Frenchie Dy"
*"Panky Trinidad"
*"Mo Twister" (moved to GMA)
*"Irish Fullerton"
*"Richard Peralta"
* Bea Alonzo

Awards and Recoginitions


* Highly recommended for Best Musical Variety Show.

PMPC Star Awards for Television

* Best Musical Variety Show (1998-2007)
** In 2000,they tied with GMA Network's "SOP".
* Best musical Variety Show (2003-2004)
** In 2003, they also won the Best New Male Personality, Luis Manzano & Best Female TV host, Claudine Barretto.
** In 2004, they also won the Best New Male Personality, Erik Santos & Best Female TV host, Zsa-Zsa Padilla.
* Best Musical Variety Show (2006-2007)
** In 2006, they also won Best Male and Female TV hosts, namely Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano.
** In 2007, they also won the Best New Male Personality, Ronnie Liang.

KBP Golden Dove Awards

* Best Musical Variety Show (1997, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007)

USTv Students' Choice Awards

* Best Variety Show (2007)

Special Awards

* ASAP 24k Awards
* ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards
* ASAP Platinum Circle Awards


Beside the usual in-set concert, "ASAP" has traveled around the world in places such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. They also traveled all over the Philippines, with shows in Cebu, Davao, Subic and many more.


ASAP Music

ASAP Music is the record label of "ASAP". Hosts of "ASAP" come together to produce quality music for all to enjoy. It is said that producing an ASAP album could take over a year for the reason that most of their hosts are already signed up with other record labels.


"ASAP" does not only produce music, but aims to pierce through the concert business as well with live productions of "ASAP" artists. They already have produced sold out concerts like:
*Hearthtrobs - Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby
*You and Me - Christian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go
*Rock Da Vote - Comediens like: Chokoleit, Candy Pangilinan, Tessie Tomas John Lapus, John Santos and many more at the Music Museum
*Rock Enroll - Yeng Constanino at Aliw Theater
*Ten: Piolo Pascual 10th Anniversary Concert at Araneta Coliseum
*Ol4Luv: Araneta Coliseum with Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Anne Go, Christian Bautista, Erik Santos
*: Richard Poon at Music Museum
*Coverboys: Uncovered at the Music Museum
*PoohKwang: Pooh and Pokwang at the Music Museum

ASAP Box Office



Pops and Martin split-up

On May 1998, Martin Nievera shocked the televiewers when he tearfully announced his resignation from the show following rumors that he and wife Pops Fernandez (also his co-host) have split up after experiencing marital problems. He declared that "Pops never gave him a chance" to patch things up. A week after he resigned, Pops replied with a statement that she needed time and space to patch their marriage, but did not elaborate. On October 1998, Pops and Martin were declared Best Female TV Host and Best Male TV Host respectively. The former couple went up together on stage to accept the awards, to which the Concert King used the opportunity to read the poem he wrote to Pops, signifying intentions to patch things up. However, after the said episode, Pops never went back with Martin who is now happily settled with Katrina Ojeda.

The Pops-Martin split-up greatly affected the ratings of the show, because televiewers had identified "ASAP" as Pops' and Martin's show. Because of the couples' separation, ABS-CBN reformatted the show and allowed other talents to shine.

Clashdance controversy

On February 2, 2003, Regine Tolentino accused fellow dancer Angela Velez of intentionally spewing kerosene on the same stage she was to dance on after Angela did her number, making the stage extremely slippery and very difficult to perform on. As a result, she slipped, fell and tumbled so many times during her heart-pounding dance number that made her outraged. She said it was a deliberate sabotage and went on to say that she will never again dance with Angela because "she just might end up six feet under."

Angela revealed that she did spit the kerosene. Apparently, she was supposed to have a fiery entrance, but her lighter did not work so she had to get rid of the kerosene in her mouth. Word war erupts, but in the end, the two performers shook each other's hands.

Defunct Segments

*Rated PG - Dance and groove with "Mr. Pure Energy", Gary Valenciano, as he make your afternoon much hotter.
*Apat na Sikat - 4 songs which the people must vote to get in the top 4.
*Sam Sessions - Sam Milby's own segment.
*Dream Request Live! - Watch your favorite Pinoy Dream Academy scholar's "Honor Lists of 6"; Chad, Panky, Irish, Ronnie, Jay-R and Yeng, as they sing the songs the viewers requested.
*Champions Showdown - Champions from the famed several singing contests, Star In a Million, Star For a Night, Search For the Star In a Million which consist of Rachelle Ann Go, Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Mark Bautista, Christian Bautista, Sheryn Regis, Frenchie Dy, Kris Lawrence and Jerome Sala also joins the scene with their renditions of ballads and sometimes jukebox hits. The Latest additions are the Winners in Pinoy Dream Academy's Yeng Constantino and Philippine Idol's Mau Marcelo.
*ASAP Top 40- hits that topped the card in that week as they performed it.
*Star In A Million - A contest which later became a TV Show aired on the same network.
*ASAP Victim - A Reality-Segment, hosted by Luis Manzano, Carlos Agassi and John Prats. which was later became a Hit Reality Show aired on the same network. Hosted by Carlos Agassi.
*Acoustic Mania
*With Piolo
*ASAP Clash Dance - First hosted by Vina Morales then Angelica Jones.
*Versions withNina
*Versus with Ana Fegi and Bituin Escalante
*Ultimate Dance 4 (UD4) - Segment featuring Rayver Cruz,Shaina Magdayao,John Prats and Maja Salvador

See also

*List of Philippine television shows

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* [ ASAP Mania] at []
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