Nortel Certifications

Nortel Certifications

Nortel Certifications in Network computing is an Information Technology (IT) professional certification on Nortel products and IEEE standard technologies. The Nortel Certification tests are administered by a Prometric test center. Nortel Training is done by Nortel training partners like Global Knowledge.

The two major levels of certifications are specialist, and Expert. Within each level there are three sublevels; technology, support, and design. The Nortel Certifications are integrating into Avaya certifications.


Specialist certifications

Nortel Certified Technology Specialist (NCTS) - The Technology certification is a starting point for validating your education of basic technology knowledge, and creates a good foundation to build on for all professional certifications.

Nortel Certified Support Specialist (NCSS)

Nortel Certified Design Specialist (NCDS)

Expert Certifications

Nortel Certified Technology Expert (NCTE)

Nortel Certified Support Expert (NCSE)

Nortel Certified Design Expert (NCDE)

Architect Certification

Nortel Certified Architect (NCA)

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