Nortel Secure Router 4134

Nortel Secure Router 4134

The Nortel Secure Router 4134 (or SR-4134) in telecommunications and networking technologies is a device manufactured by Nortel that combines the functions of WAN Routing, stateful firewall security, Ethernet switching, IP telephony, and Microsoft mediation into one device. [ [ A Unified Communications integrated branch solution] ]

Operational Deployment

The SR-4134 is normally installed at a headquarters, regional or branch office and connected across the WAN to an SR-3120, SR-1004, SR-1002, or SR-1001 at a Regional, branch or other smaller remote location.


*T1/E1 ports - 31
*Serial ports - 7
*DS3 ports - 3 (clear channel or channelized)
*Power over Ethernet ports - 72 ports
*SIP ALG (for NAT and Firewall)
*Cone NAT (for UNIStim protocol) [ [ Secure Router 4134 Technical Specifications] ]

ee also

*Innovative Communications Alliance
*Network security
*List of Microsoft - Nortel (ICA) Products


External links

* [ Secure Router 4134 Overview]
* [ Energy Consumption and Projected Costs for a converged solution]
* [ Nortel Enterprise Solutions Secure Router 4134 and WLAN 2300]
* [ Nortel: We're Back and We're 'Hyper']

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