Avaya Secure Network Access

Avaya Secure Network Access
Secure Network Access 4050
Rack Space 1 Rack Unit
Height: 1.7 in. (44 mm)
Width: 16.9 in. (44.9 cm)
Depth: 22 in. (55.9 cm)
Weight: 25 lb (11.34 kg)
Rack mountable: 19-inch standard rack

Avaya Secure Network Access (originally Nortel Secure Network Access or Nortel-SNA or NSNA) in computer network is a Network Access Control system designed by Nortel (acquired by Avaya) to provide endpoint security policy compliance and remediation (also known as comply to connect [1] It makes policy based decisions about who gets access to a network segment and what they can do once they are admitted. The health checking policy provides additional security protection by limiting or restricting access to endpoints identified to be “unhealthy” based upon an enterprise policy definition.

The Nortel Secure Network Access Switch (SNAS) 4050 is a device that centrally controls access policies and admission controls for integration with wired, wireless and mobile users and devices. The SNAS-4050 switch is the policy integration point between Nortel and/or 3rd party switches/routers/VPN systems and the Policy authentication (AD server/certificate server/802.1x), remediation (SMS), and/or an Active Portel.

The NSNA-4050 complies with the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Trusted Network Connect (TNC) specifications[2] to eliminate locking into proprietary architecture. The Trusted Network Connect (TNC) specification is not part of a single antivirus software, personal firewall, or security application. The TNC specification is closely integrated with Microsoft's Network Access Protection (NAP) technologies in the Vista desktops and Windows Servers.[3]

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